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  1. Stupidity doesn't discriminate against parties.....
  2. What happened to the whole "I'm a private business and reserve the right to refuse service" bit. Within the guidelines of the Civil Rights Act of course.
  3. Proper Villains know to leave their phone at home and to wear a mask while handling their business...
  4. Dude did finally resign announce he won't seek reelection after getting caught with his hand in the jar. Clinton? Cuomo? Crickets? Edited for accuracy...my bad.
  5. Neither reflect what I would call the pinnacle of leadership...
  6. This is, of course, what I expect from our leaders representatives.
  7. Probably...but going back to my post. If I get caught having sexual relations with an employee I supervise, HR and I are having a tough conversation most likely concluding with me being fired or resigning. If I lie to Congress under oath, I'm probably going to jail (unless I get a pardon, but that's a different discussion). I'd also assume that if I had a role in a plot to overrun the US Capitol, I may be getting a visit from some of those Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity types.
  8. I had a front seat view of Enron...the scary part is how close they came to being totally legal.....
  9. I give it 50/50 that when the dust settles we're going to find that this was a failure of a financial market, not the power grid. My guess is that there a few retailers out there sitting on what was effectively a naked short position that headed for the hills.
  10. I think you missed my point. I'm not at all comparing the two....just pointing out that we're on slide where our representatives are held to different standards than the rest of us. It didn't start with the Clinton impeachment, but I do think it's a milestone on the ramp down to letting Trump off the hook (primarily based on which "team" is being represented). For the record, I would have liked to have seen Clinton convicted, then censured but not removed from office. I understand that was politically unattainable.
  11. I can't disagree with much of what you've said. However, I do think that letting Clinton off the hook set the stage for the partisan nature of the Trump impeachments. If I get caught banging an employee, I'm getting fired. If I commit perjury, it's a felony and I'm probably going to jail. Why aren't we holding our representatives to the same standard?
  12. I'll be curious to see the list of followers of the gospel of catturd.....
  13. Whatever it takes to stay out of Federal Non-Vegan Pound Me in the Ass prison.
  14. Who knew..... https://www.businessinsider.com/ivanka-trumps-real-name-is-ivana-2017-10
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