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  1. Make sure your weekend includes activities that would merit a plot for a Hiassen book. That is all.
  2. "Jousting" where two guys sit in the passenger window sill of the car with windsurfing mast and a steel trash can lid. Fortunately, we were in a state where nobody ever had the accuracy to knock the other out of the car.
  3. Oh come on....we all KNOW that SEC schools are so superior that they can't be motivated to play for anything other than a national championship.....
  4. Dude...you were so late for that start we're going to need to stop at the CVS for a pregnancy test.
  5. Right....but don't the regs read that the SC can't come off until ALL the lapped cars are past?
  6. On the basis the call was made to let the lapped cars through...then restarted after ONLY the lapped cars between Lewis and Max went through before they restarted.
  7. I would have been ok with the one lap shootout with Max having to navigate through the lapped cars between them. Max gave up track position to get fresh tires...then was arbitrarily awarded his original position....total horseshit.
  8. Appointed in '83 and apparently we're stuck with him until '26.
  9. Then my credit to Joker. That is some funny shit. I wonder how much I could get on the open market selling Hunter Biden paintings...
  10. Gainesville is intellectual? Bahahahaha.
  11. I know. I just bristle at the rationalizations that take place to effectively mean "it's ok if it's my guys who are doing it".
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