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  1. A nice song interspersed with a spectacular travelogue of New Zealand .. Leisure is the kiwi band..
  2. The US needs to return to legislation requiring truth in media to slap down the Faux and other rabble that are enabled to spout total BS while earning billiomns in revenue These operators need to be hammered and held accountable..otherwise the US will have years if not decades of home grown domestic terrorists aided and backed by people like $60 per annum Hannity.... the dollars involved in this are staggering but nothing compared to the cost to the nation for not acting on Covid, climate change healthcare education etc etc. https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2021-01-28/fox-new
  3. Now that the orange buffoon is gone are Americans outraged that Merde Orc's Fox and conservative media enabled, endorsed and condoned the serial lying racist and pussy grabber for these long years? Is there going to be a nation wide boycott of advertisers or is business going to continue to allow Rupert's Hannity, Carlson and other simpering apologists to continue their bile, bias and smear for the GOP and their vested interest billionaire backers?
  4. Any British bikes of the 60's.. BSA, Triumph, Norton, Vincent, Matchless ...just for that twin sound.
  5. Some excellent ideas there. Looked at the Weta but they are really expensive and even secondhand still prohibitely priced. Contender is interesting but trapezing is out. we had a Hobie wave turn up at a recent social day and was surprised at how easy to rig, sail and depower they are ..Haven't seen a 2.4 in decades. they were a wet boat even on a lake and not favoured by our sailing area which builds a vicious current wind/tide choppy sea. All food for thought ..Thank you all for your suggestions..
  6. If you are doing the Wild thing in light air there may not be enough wind to get the cat upright again. Seen that done with a Tornado and lightweight crew had no chance until the wind filled in .. Never fill a mast with water.. it can stay in there forever because of the foam manybuilders install to compartmentalise mast internals, especially carbon ones.. There was, from memory, a US righting plank you attached to the front beam and loosened and swung out to give huge leverage as a righting tool for even the lightest crewe.
  7. Embraced the dark side several years ago and bought a 30+ year old Laser after sailing catamarans for decades. The good points: the Laser is fast and easy to rig and move than a catamaran to lug around.. Bad points: the damn things are so twitchy, heel so fast in any wind increase and downright savage in gusts unlike the leverage of an 8 foot wide multi. What other classes are there that are less strenuous to sail, less tender, more stable and kinder to an old farts aching back and lack of core strength? We have the S box laser series at my club where the original intent was buy a $1000-1
  8. Hearing ten times World A class champion Glenn Ashby come ashore after the last 2018 Worlds championship race at Hervey Bay in a very gusty northerly wind and say 'That was fresh to frightening' was understatement of the year for those of us wildly buffeted onshore. Also memorable was seeing top A sailors roll up their mainsail and sail home at good speed under rig only.
  9. Humpybash regatta, Woody Point, redcliffe, Brisbane, Oz, is next weekend with Seabreeze predicting 10-15 knot Easterlies and temps in the 27-28C range. Am happy to report the bane of A class and F18 fleets, the blue jellies are remarkably few in number so there will be no repeat of jelly plague numbers as experienced some years back. If you haven't registered as yet please go to hyc.net.au to help the club with logistics, race organisation and catering.. PRO Allan Crawford is scheduled to ensure racing on both days of the regatta remains on time and with minimal, if any, delays between s
  10. I use a Canon 7D and 600 Eos for images and a aim it in the generral dirtection and pray JVC handycam for recording vids of sailing regattas.. Suggestions invited on best secondhand pro level video camera with a decent telephoto for tripod mounted vision or shoulder mounted in RIB or start boat action
  11. The latest word is over 160 entrants for Winterbash coming from Sydney to Gladstone in central Queensland. One third of entries are two person or more craft so we are expecting a big fleet for the three races on Saturday and marathon on Sunday .. The weather bureau is saying showers rather than rain and probably around 10 to 12 knots both days with the prospect of maybe up to 15 to 20 on Saturday. The registrations have been fantastic and are still rolling in ..This looks like being the biggest off the beach regatta in recent years for multi fleets.
  12. One week to go till WinterBash.. forecast is for 23C and Sunny with 10 to 15 knot Easterlies which will make the Saturday three races and Sunday marathon fast sailing and competitive for the differing classes competing.
  13. Club has upgraded showers and toilets with new tiles, paint, installed new shower cubicles and all new gas water heating .. And checks are ensuring more than adequate supplies of gas. Just Two weeks to go now.
  14. Humpybong yacht club, Redcliffe, Queensland, will stage its fifth Winterbash regatta on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 July 2020 and is expecting keen interest especially as the Covid 19 lockdown eases in most states . The event is also being used by the Queensland Nacra Association to stage their state titles. Go to Humpybong Yacht Club website for registration and further details. https://www.hyc.net.au/home/
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