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  1. I used to think you were just dicks, now I am genuinely concerned for your mental health. Seriously, you guys need to get things in perspective before real harm is done.
  2. Not so good for the Uighur population being re-educated though. Or the people of Hong Kong having the liberties reduced. Or those who speak out against the Chinese govt. If I want a watch I buy Swiss. If I want a car I buy German (or Korean). If I want a handbag I buy Italian. If I want chocolate I buy Belgian. If I want whisky I buy Scottish. If I want a boat I buy Ovi. I can’t think of much I would chose to buy from the US or from China because of their exceptional quality or reputation. I’m sure there are good Chinese manufacturers and ZIM may be one of them but why take t
  3. The Mk 2 has only been out a couple of years and already a Mk3 is on the cards. Anyone got any details? Potentially good news for all the disgruntled Finn boys...
  4. Well, what do you know? It wasn’t just sosoomi! It seems NYYC also believe the event management could be enhanced. https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/237426/Americas-Cup-New-York-YC-submits-Challenge
  5. History is littered with examples of the best Laser sailors becoming the best Finn sailors, who then become the best Star, Moth, Tornado, Contender, 505 and AC75 sailors. This would indicate that the Finn does not require a unique skill set or physical attributes. It may be a nice boat but the campaign to reinstate it is doomed to fail because it is not sufficiently different from the Laser to warrant a space.
  6. That and the fact they screw fittings on backward, use poorly selected ropes, have a 10% leak rate and don’t include a working out haul.
  7. Thanks Bruce. What about the scenario where the I14 isn’t insured? Can they get any compensation from the uninsured ILCA sailor or from the state?
  8. If A is sail area, it is 0.77 of what? And I’ve never seen 5.4 divided by 7 written down in a format like that before, it looks backward to me.
  9. What is the A in the drawing above and what is the formula being used to calculate whatever it is? 12.5 presumably length, 0.56 prismatic coefficient?
  10. Interesting sail choice for the 49er and FX. https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/236255/49er-and-49erFX-sail-to-North-Sails-3Di
  11. That is a superb yearbook. Really top quality publication - huge credit to all involved.
  12. Well that escalated quickly, did I hit a nerve?
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