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  1. 720 on the Great Lakes system, which is used in the UK for some winter series racing. Similar to the official RYA PY numbers, but modified for the event. Standard 49er is 697 in comparison. http://greatlakes.org.uk/resources/Great Lakes Handicaps 2021-22.pdf
  2. Except the Finn sail is bigger, made from the best cloth money can buy, cut to suit a mast with bespoke bend characteristics and has greater tolerance in what is allowable than the ILCA would presumably allow. Compare the Olympic Finn to the non Olympic Solo - they use the same cloth if nothing else. The Finn works out at 20% more per square metre, not a bad premium for individualised luff curves, especially as I guess most Olympians don’t pay VAT.
  3. Lol. I have Bruce on ignore so haven’t seen his insane ramblings, but from the quote above is he suggesting Olympic competitors pay an entry fee? That really opens it up to less wealthy sailors and nations doesn’t it? Who’s the racist Bruce?
  4. I have to respectfully disagree. The Byte is an international youth class that is/was used in the youth games iirc and is an alternative to the Radial. The Solo is the main alternative to the Laser in the UK. It may not have Moth levels of competition, but it is a competitive class and every racing sailmaker offers a design for it. The Solo sail is cheaper per m^2 than the Byte. Another example: The RS400 is a single-source sail too. £949 for the main, £599 for the jib, £669 for the kite. £2,217 for the set - excluding bags I think. In contrast a set of championship winning Me
  5. I doubt it. The best thing to do is put Bruce on ignore before he accuses you of making racist remarks.
  6. Yes, I remember someone registering a design where the gooseneck pivot was a 2-3 inches behind the mast, so that when the main was eased the distance from luff to leach reduced and the camber in the foot increased - equivalent to easing the out haul. The only issue is when you ease the sheet to dump power you are actually simultaneously powering up the lower main. Edit: Combining the outhaul with kicker probably makes the most sense.
  7. Hmmm, single source sails may be half the cost to make, but they cost the same to buy. A Macdiarmid made single-source Byte c2 sail from Hartley costs £899. A North sails Solo sail is 20% bigger and costs £906. There is an open choice of sailmaker with the Solo, but North have won most championships recently - other good choices are available for more and less. Both the c2 and Solo are fully battened laminate sails. An ILCA sail with bag, battens and numbers is just shy of £600. A Dacron Solo sail is £686 from North (again it’s a bigger sail). The typical weekend punter is
  8. Finn sailing and offshore sailing may be more representative of traditional sailing, but they hardly epitomise “urban youth” sport which requires minimal infrastructure. If WS are to follow IOC mandate it is inevitable that kiting will replace keelboats. To advocate additional traditional sailboats is to sail against the IOC tide.
  9. But open source sailmaking with a measurement certificate as proof of validity is as old as the hills. I don’t agree with FRAND as a fair policy for Lasers, but if that is what they signed up to then that is what they need to deliver.
  10. One thing I have lost track of in all this, where are things in terms of opening up sail making on a frand basis? I’m assuming this won’t be as simple as the usual way of opening up sail manufacture completely and having a measurement certificate, like most classes do. For reasons not entirely clear I suspect budding sail makers will have to pre-qualify to be a supplier, but has that process kicked off yet?
  11. I think Mr Tillerman is joshing. Either that or dementia has set in.
  12. Relax folks. I now have Bruce on ignore, so normal service can resume. Please, for my sanity, try not to quote him.
  13. I’ve just posted the actual words. You are arguing black is white. For both of our sakes, please stop.
  14. Right, let’s do that. My actual words, in response to the news that LPE has withdrawn Chinese production of its goods whilst others on here were debating/espousing the quality of Chinese made products: It is you that has inferred a deeper more complex message than I intended. I say it is you with the poorly developed understanding of racism humour. And you mock endangered birds.
  15. Why, thank you. However there was no racist element to my post. I meant what I said and I said what I meant. So, if I knowing and intentionally made a comment that you claim is racist it is hard not to infer that you are calling me a racist. Please be unambiguous on this, am I a racist Bruce? Yes or no.
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