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  1. Esse 750 mainsheet is an interesting example/variation eliminating traveler as well. Don't now if possible to apply to higher loads .
  2. So sad , watched so many of those videos . Rebecca's raw grief very moving , her gutsy video in loneliness after Patrick's passing is going to stay with me . RIP Patrick
  3. I hope you would add Half moon bay to Monterey route to get most excitement and flexibility. Trailable performance boats like Donovan 26 or old Express 27 spinnaker ride would be short bucket list adventure for any adrenaline/nature junkie .
  4. Marina in my hometown Szczecin , on oder river https://harba.co/explore-marinas/north-east-marina-szczecin/ $1.25 per 1 METER , downtown , awesome , have not been home in 30 years , going this summer . Lots of new marinas had been built with EU support . Place of Tall ships final 2017 and 2021 http://tallships.szczecin.eu/en/szczecinde-2 incredible
  5. I think you got that one backwards , they sail with you when little because you tell them to come along.
  6. I think it's standard equipment on new Dehler 30 OD .
  7. Anyone knows when they start practicing ? Even if you don't care about the event , can't deny they look super impressive on the water
  8. Swedish disregard for traditional look embracing computer models .
  9. I love projects like this. Keep it coming as you go. Oh and good luck , you need it .
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