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  1. The interior photos on the web are new. It's the best it's ever looked inside and just needs a new lick of paint to the exterior. It's been fixed and faired and ready to look sexy. Anyone who's sailed on her will know it's one of the best ever performance cats ever built and it sails like a dream. One of my all time favs. Give Phil Day a call.
  2. Dux Nutts suffered damaged due to big westerlies in Brisbane this week and a float and beam suffered. The poor old boat is now looking a bit sad and needs a new owner to give it some TLC.
  3. Jamie M might, it's just a quick sail across the ditch.
  4. 50' long x 45' wide. This lex nicol design had one off the best ever main hull shapes i've seen perform and hardly any drag or ripple of a wake from the main hull BUT the float and beam to float design was C#*&p. That's why it was call Firetruck because of the huge amount of water that was blown and smashed into the air. With every wave you could really feel the boat being smashed and slowed. What's it worth now - $10,000 if your lucky
  5. The original owner, Peter Clarringbold moved to Seatle and shipped Spirit of Emu over there too and it has since sold to a local from the USA.
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