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  1. Hi folks – so I’m in the process of doing upgrades / improvements on a new to me 1983 C&C 29 mk2 for local racing / daysailing on Lake Ontario. I know it’s a 4ksb – it would never keep up with the Melges 20 I sold, but it’s a heck of lot more comfortable to sail. There was never a place for a BBQ on a Melges 20. Even though the boat is old, the deck (balsa cored) and hull (f'glass, no balsa) are actually bone dry – doesn’t look like anyone drilled new holes in the deck anywhere! It already has jib and spin sheet winches, but pretty much everything else is original. So here’s
  2. well this beauty just showed up in the classifieds..... https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/echo-2005-gt40-custom-sailboat/ https://content.sailinganarchy.com/uploads/2021/05/IMG_20210502_143254-scaled.jpg Looks like the spawn of Sailing boat A.
  3. https://greatlakes-seaway.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/pcb_wel210422_en.pdf International Border Crossing Pleasure Craft users wishing to cross the international border to transit the locks should first consult with CBSA or Homeland Security as the right of innocent passage may not apply for transit in the locks as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.
  4. Well, who is launching and who is racing this summer?
  5. You misunderstand Canucks. Yes we are not Americans and we accept higher taxes. However, as mentioned, taxes drive behaviour and the end result of this will be far fewer new boats sold in Canada in 2022 (tax begins after 12/31/21). People will buy their boat in the US, leave it in the US (or elsewhere) and then bring it into Canada as a "used" boat at some point once it is worth less than whatever arbitrary amount the gov't decides to tax. They will get almost nothing of what they expect - similar to what happened when they increased the tax on higher income earners. https
  6. easy way to get around it - buy a used boat (if you can find one these days). Or as mentioned, the superyacht crowd will just keep the boat offshore. Folks already do that now - they have a beater on the lakes and keep something nice down south or in Florida.
  7. for every $ I spend on the boat, I have to spend a $ on the house. a boat is not an asset, it is a managed liability. buy less than you can afford or can manage.
  8. I think you would have trouble getting the rudder high enough to pull out a single pin with the bridle.
  9. North sells a reacher - higher clew / smaller than the runner, easier to carry when the wind picks up, but also when the wind is light. https://order.northsails.com/product/v4-2r-reacher/?v=3e8d115eb4b3
  10. balancing maintaining / replacing current assets vs improvements balancing fees vs value diversity (or lack thereof) in the membership
  11. Perhaps someone with more experience can explain to me why the guy steering the boat at the 4 minute mark is standing up on the coaming, holding onto the backstay? At least he's wearing a lifejacket, but that's a pretty precarious place to be steering from in those conditions.
  12. Melges 20 is 2 pins. https://shop.melges.com/product/melges-24/hull-melges-24/melges-rudder-pins-with-wire-ring/
  13. I looked at the Tripp 37 in Canada - needed some work (new electronics, etc), so not a completely comparable boat. Include a link or post photos of the new engine and the entire down below - make sure to mention how much headroom.
  14. like this one (tacktick racemaster on top / prostart on the bottom) (from: https://www.melges24.com/news/2021-bacardi-invitational-regatta-announces-melges-24-fleet-entry-limit):
  15. Clubhouse is closed due to lockdown. Don't seem to be losing lots of members - more the opposite which is positive for the club. Docks are pretty much full, but lots of room on the moorings. Only problems I see: - will be hard to keep / get new "crew" members if they cannot go sailing (restrictions in 2020 limited how many could go out). this is often the 1st step before buying a boat for someone new to the sport. - drysail is emptying out. people are buying keelboats rather than starting out in a drysail boat (ie: J24 / Shark). - new members keep buying ever bigg
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