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  1. try these folks out for help: http://thunderbirdsailing.org/ Lots of them in BC and Toronto.
  2. Prices are dropping on whatever is left over and won't sell, or someone just decided to sell and everyone has already bought a boat. It's basically August - anyone buying now will get 2 months of use out of the boat (at least in the GWN - Canada) before they have to haul it out.
  3. There is a whole set of these on Toronto Life. Couples with sometimes no, or very little, boating experience buying a yacht and living on it. They haven't really talked to them after a good, long winter in the great white north living on a boat. https://torontolife.com/life/we-bought-a-62000-sailboat-and-moved-in/ enjoy...
  4. We are having significant weed problems on the north side of Lake Ontario. Lower water levels and a late start to sailing all seem to have contributed to a massive infestation of weeds. Boat last week had their motor overheat and die while trying to get to the dock, others have given up trying to leave the dock until we can clear the weeds.
  5. C&C 29 looking for crew to race weeknights at National Yacht Club (Wednesday PHRF) and some weekends (NYC Open - Aug 7th). All crew welcome, especially with spinnaker / foredeck experience but happy to teach.
  6. Few J80 around - good daysailors. J70 - not many available locally and all are dry-sailed, so you would need to put on a barrier coat. prices are USD35k+. J27 - one for sail in Oakville - https://www.kijiji.ca/v-sailboat/oakville-halton-region/1988-j27/1571554477 big question - are you looking for a boat to sit in or on? if you want a cheap boat for daysailing, a J24 would also work - not the most comfortable, but good for LO. Also Shark or a Tanzer 22 are low cost options and lots of them on the lake.
  7. I'll throw in the Melges 20. Would be tight with 5, but doable. easy to single-hand - not as powered up as the M24, but does need weight when the wind picks up, just not hiking. you might be able to do the mast alone, better with a friend. one more question - does it need to be a keelboat? some of the larger dinghies (lightning, flying scot, etc) can be singlehanded, trailered, hold lots of people, and raising the mast alone is possible.
  8. can you add a "takedown" patch to the spinnaker and then run a retrieval line from the patch back through the hatch? more lines, but this allows you to launch under the genoa from the hatch and retrieve in the hatch, ready to re-launch. you should find you can also carry the spinnaker longer as dropping it can be done as fast as you can pull the retrieval line. Make sure the hatch doesn't have sharp edges / anything that can catch and hold the spin. may install a foam "pool noodle" around the edge of the hatch to cover up sharp edges or put in a roller at rear of hatch to sp
  9. It would have been a "sport boat" in the 80's, but a C&C 27 mk V. otherwise a J80 or J22 can easily be singlehanded or take 5 or more out for a sail. I'm assuming when you mean single-hand, you aren't talking about drysailing the boat single-handed.
  10. Andrews Trucking https://www.andrewstrucking.com/
  11. Kirby 30 - PHRF: 132 - 5,500 lbs so trailerable - all controls lead to cockpit - fractional rig so the genoa / spin not too big to handle i second the Laser 28 - standing headroom, pretty quick. also, any C&C between 27 - 30' - comfortable cockpits, typically good ratings, though very few are on a trailer biggest challenge right now is there is very little available - according to Yachtworld, in the US (great lakes region) and Ontario there are a sum total of 90 sailboats for sale in your price range, of which I would guess > 50% have an offer on the
  12. Good suggestion - add looking at all the standing rigging when we drop the mast in the fall.
  13. Hi folks – so I’m in the process of doing upgrades / improvements on a new to me 1983 C&C 29 mk2 for local racing / daysailing on Lake Ontario. I know it’s a 4ksb – it would never keep up with the Melges 20 I sold, but it’s a heck of lot more comfortable to sail. There was never a place for a BBQ on a Melges 20. Even though the boat is old, the deck (balsa cored) and hull (f'glass, no balsa) are actually bone dry – doesn’t look like anyone drilled new holes in the deck anywhere! It already has jib and spin sheet winches, but pretty much everything else is original. So here’s
  14. well this beauty just showed up in the classifieds..... https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/echo-2005-gt40-custom-sailboat/ https://content.sailinganarchy.com/uploads/2021/05/IMG_20210502_143254-scaled.jpg Looks like the spawn of Sailing boat A.
  15. https://greatlakes-seaway.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/pcb_wel210422_en.pdf International Border Crossing Pleasure Craft users wishing to cross the international border to transit the locks should first consult with CBSA or Homeland Security as the right of innocent passage may not apply for transit in the locks as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.
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