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  1. Dad went into hospice 10 days ago. In the last 6 weeks he fell, hit his head, had a brain bleed, followed a day later with cardiac arrest. A pacemaker soon followed. He has been so focused trying not too die that he never prepared for his ultimate demise. Now that he has finally accepted that he is dying he can concentrate on living his final days as best he can. If we forced the issue with his medical directive, he wouldn’t be here now. Trusting family and appointed personnel representatives to know when to pull the plug is the hardest thing anyone could do… I fear for th
  2. Bill passed a couple of years back. . . .
  3. Don't disagree. But when most of the folks I deal with in Europe or the Caribbean use WhatsApp as the primary means of text/voice comms, Ya gotta go with what they use.
  4. Obama wore a tan suit. Hillary used email. Look where that got both of them
  5. Plenty of conspiracy theories to be had about the why, I simply pointed out that all BGP announcements were withdrawn and DNS was therefore unreachable. I'll leave it to the tin hat crowd to figure out the real backstory as to who did what and why.
  6. From what cloudflare posted, it appears the BGP routes were withdrawn. No BGP, no DNS. I believe it was instagram that still had DNS hosted on AWS. You could do a dig/nslookup, get an IP, but no routes were available, so they essentially were unplugged from the net. Add to this the fact that without BGP/DNS, internal BookFace systems were also out, as were IP Phones, Security keys for doors/data center access. Biggest issue was the loss of internal systems that were needed to mitigate / fix everything. https://blog.cloudflare.com/october-2021-facebook-outage/
  7. Also have signal, the folks I need to work with, not so much. In spite of my trying to get them to add it to the list of comms apps.
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