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  1. Ok, this is weird - And a home town station on top of it....
  2. Welcome back Hobot! I look forward to resuming the many trips down the rabbit hole....
  3. Thankfully, the ice went away early, and with it the polar bears. They are both back in Canada, eh..... That said, the water temp is still a bit nipply @ +/- 38 degrees
  4. Getting domain names and server ip addresses off of black lists is a royal pain in the ass. Use mailchimp or some 3rd party bulk mail server to handle your monthly spam, um, newsletters. Moving to a different hosted mail server with more responsive support may also be needed
  5. He is a shameless fuck..... With the gift of grift
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/apr/09/prince-philip-duke-of-edinburgh-dies
  7. Yep - Broken.... 500 - Server Error is never a good thing.....
  8. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2021/3/7/2019668/-Nothing-To-Hide-FBI-Chief-Refuses-Hawley-s-Nervous-Request-For-1-6-Investigation-Suspects-s-Names Josh Hawley really doesn't want the FBI using cellphone data to track the terrorist attack on the Capitol that he helped to incite.
  9. Jim Wright summed it up nicely - "Cancel Culture" isn't a real thing Or, rather it IS, but it's only a new label for something that's always been part of human society. What republicans see as some nefarious organized mass conspiracy is nothing more than society's public rejection of unsavory actions and ideology. It is LITERALLY the very visible hand of their own adored free market at work.
  10. My understanding is they were attempting to make the outbound bridge. The day before they were attempting to leave and sucked a sail into the bow thruster that was a leftover from Irma. They got the boat back to Isle De Sol and divers got that mess cleaned up. Thruster failure, windage, cross currents all add up to a career change opportunity for the skipper...
  11. Not once, but twice! Sint Maarten YC has an exciting morning:
  12. Thanks for the trip down the rabbit hole. A friend has the BlueRay boxed set of Dark Side of the Moon with the original Quad mix by Alan Parsons and the Dolby 5.1 mix. Played on a sound system with 4 Klipsch reference speakers, it was, um, a mind numbing experience. Both mixes stand out as a dramatically different interpretations of the original stereo version. Other memory was the first time listening to One of These Days and Echos from Meddle LP with a good set of headphones and the bong at the ready was, um, enlightening....
  13. The memes (shit, before they were even a thing) and photochops were some of the more creative parts of a totally fucking reediculous 3 year run. Having followed it IRL, I can't imagine someone trying to get up to speed on it now.
  14. And we're back - Anything new going on?
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