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  1. As I heard it, the reply was “I think you’ll find it’s my wife’s water”.
  2. Top pic is of a Hornet, a UK dinghy class. Originally with a sliding seat for the crew, now using a trapeze.
  3. Doh! Don’t think I knew about the rating limit.
  4. Remember reading a mention in Seahorse a while ago that IOR was still going in Japan long after it died everywhere else. I suppose the ORC would know.
  5. Also also also, just because. Some other clubs & organisations listed on companies house, commonly but not exclusively in the form of "Private company limited by guarantee without share capital" include: The RYA. Aldeburgh Yacht Club Arun Yacht Club Barry Yacht Club Brighton Marina Yacht Club Brixham Yacht Club City Livery Yacht Club Colne Yacht Club Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club Deben Yacht Club Grimsby And Cleethorpes Yacht Club Itchenor Yacht Club Lough Erne Yacht Club Royal Air Force Yacht Club Royal Artillery Yacht Club Royal Burnham Ya
  6. And one amusing thought. I highly doubt that the MoD has given RYSR a warrant to allow RYSR members to fly the white ensign on their boats. (Yes, I know. Not that it matters with RYS membership and all that).
  7. The page for the 2019 RYSR members’ regatta is here, FWIW: https://www.rys.org.uk/events/event-details/2019-06-14-rysr-members-regatta-2019 (With reference on that page to the 2018 regatta)
  8. Ok, so sold as a completed boat, but there is the Foldable RIB.
  9. My Dad died about 18 months ago; he had been a lifelong sailor, and so we decided that the best thing to do with his ashes was to put them into the sea. I'm posting this to note what we did, to maybe help anybody out in a similar position in the future, and also for others to post about the laws and requirement in their location. Legal position. - IANAL. However, the advice we received is that scattering ashes at sea requires no specific license. I don't know about the position wrt privately owned rivers and harbours (Beaulieu river, Bembridge harbour etc). (Burials at sea are possible
  10. My thought, but with a (vestigial) coach roof.
  11. It, and its companion “The Art of Coarse Cruising” are, IMHO, the only two genuinely funny books about sailing. A Coarse Sailor is someone who in a crisis forgets nautical language and shouts 'For God's sake, turn left!’
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