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  1. May the burning bridges behind you clearly light your path forward....
  2. Hey Hobot, loving your work but while ignoring this awesome thread I think random pics are down the aisle a bit.
  3. There is absolutely no way it could ever be a TC design. The most obvious clue is it has a boom.!
  4. A random family of artists turned up at our boatyard a week or two back and started painting. The Mothers version on the top, 10yr old's below.
  5. easy really, he is going to tow the backup boat too.
  6. was that some live footage of the Germans bonging bombing Pearl Harbour?
  7. While still an apprentice I found a BMW 2002 in awesome orange to buy - and naturally tapped up the 'bank of dad' to pay for most of it - his first and only comment was "no, its a German car" grump grump grump. Well, the second suggestion went down even worse - a Mazda RZ3 in green.!
  8. At my local motorcycle parts shop
  9. Behold the awesomeness of this - part of it was a Davidson 28, not fully sure what the other bit is. This easily crosses into the ugly dodger, proa and mocking adverts threads too.https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/motorboats/listing/3063264225?bof=OJ5ZltsS
  10. Instead of having the entry line on the start box in the centre of the restart zone it should be offset 30% to the right so the starboard tack boat will boundary out quicker and be forced to sail out of the right and then they can both fight for the best spot.
  11. Why not just ask at PWC, there must be someone on one of those floors with an interest in Cup stuff that could get that happening.
  12. Nah, he's holding his big fat joint outside the boat so none of the crew see or smell it and want a hit themselves.
  13. At that stage they turn the Actual windows off, engage Tranquil Mode Landing setting on the big screens and fool the punters its actually going to be a smooth landing.
  14. I was doing a similar clean up, and found a new desk ornament
  15. Hmmm, Ive been thinking about taking up gardening, any idea on the variety involved here and are the seeds readily available?
  16. NOOOOO!!!!!, just don't use terms like that, it gives me flashbacks. BTW, love your work in getting these pics to us, keep it up.
  17. ...no way this will end well!
  18. Thanks Hobot, amongst every other crazy thing happening in this world right now you continue to create some interesting and welcome distractions.
  19. The lack of windspeed is what surprises me. These big glass-outs by Torpedo, be interesting toi see what the Bean Rock nowcasting was saying at same time.
  20. Changing foils?. Theres no sails up. Im doing this on my phone and cant zoom in but can someone get high res on the guys standing in the RIB?. Then we can have more wild speculation.
  21. Keep up the good work!. How far up harbour can u pan the cam?
  22. Thats one excellent zoom-in there Mike, from big new building downtown ?
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