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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words TL, this time round i ran out of road next time might be different, thanks for looking in on project.



    1. TwoLegged


      You're v welcome Roger.

      It sounds like you have been through quite a storm personally, and that you had to make some hard decisions.  I have been there, and hope that other roads work out well for you.

  2. Forces beyond my control unfortunately Looked at the cost of a crane, i paid £500 in 2009. I need four times that in 2020 to flog a part finished shell into a covid economy, not worth it. Took 51 hours, an index finger (almost) and a 10 yd skip. Just got to get the gold sovereigns out the keels and the scrap man can have 'em. Got done today after about a week of slicing and dicing in an air fed mask, the only light on the horizon is the sheer volume of parts, I had forgotten how much gear i bought over the years and more importantly how much it costs now. Genuinely no hard fe
  3. Just to let you know the show's over Cheers Rog
  4. It was going great until she got her guitar out #notaeuphemism...........................
  5. Think i'll probably go with Jabsco to begin with (spares all over the world & cost) but make the floor big enough to potentially upgrade in the future.
  6. Cheers PB, i'm enjoying it again and thanks for your thoughts, the big plus with the lavac is simplicity and being a bit fussy i can make a neater installation with one so theres that to throw into the pot. I had no idea the myriad crappers you can buy for a boat, thought it was just Lavac and Jabsco. Googled Raritan & found a site called Leesan here in the UK that sell them and loads of other makes.
  7. Just googled what a 'WC skipper' was and been laughing my arse off at an old SA thread about them.
  8. Yeah the availability of reasonably priced spares & its popularity is definitely a plus. I've sailed a good few boats with them onboard, the only downer is trying to make a tidy install of it but i guess a few hoses about the place isn't the end of the world. Anythings gotta be better than the original SL400 we had on the Centaur, I remember doing more than one season back in the day with a bucket, it was always the joker valve turning itself inside out. What with that and the blakes seacocks, i used to dread needing a shit. Cheers Ajax, your right - it is. Curiously i don't feel q
  9. More 3D chess: Week 4 & This week: Getting the other side of the saloon bulkhead up together, a bit involved as its painted on the reverse so pin sharp masking required to the doors edge. Forgot how slow things move sometimes, either waiting for deliveries, or epoxy to kick or indeed suddenly having to think four to five moves ahead so i don't lose access to various parts of the boat, still all good fun whilst waiting to get back to work proper. Here's my giant stretcher plates made from epoxy and 20 laminations each of 600g bx-ax cloth (done in two sittings) thi
  10. If its any consolation i get the same feeling myself watching the guy (Sampson Boat Co) restoring Tally Ho. Started fitting reinforcings to bulkhead openings and lipping them in Oak, here's the forepeak one.
  11. Lock down made me do it Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 More here (Non FB) More here (FB) Cheers
  12. Saw this today whilst out for a walk. Looks abit sorry for itself in the back of the yard in Buckler's Hard: Silver apple of the Moon / Ron Holland 70's boat = super fkn cool Honest to god i just stared at it for ages and took lots of pics - an absolute work of art, beautiful shapes everywhere you looked and built of wood according to t'internet. The rudder blade had to be 7ft tall. Definitely a cool boat.........................
  13. No updates on the boat as yet, finally finished clearing the boat shed out a couple of weeks back with an eye to starting back over Christmas. Also got the van finished or thereabouts so my free time will be back on the boat, currently just doing some electric bits then i'm all good. Its actually been good to try out a lot of things on the van both aesthetic and electrical before transferring them to a salt water environment. So with that in mind here's what i have got planned for the boat interior, this is the inside of my work van but with the boat i intend using real carbon fibre not v
  14. It is incredibly simple infact which is why i built my own; a stripped down version of Hot Vacs system. This after much dicking about in the shed and a chat with some folks over at boatdesign.net. FWIW Mads got in touch a couple of years back, so i sorted him out building a copy of my system, it costs nothing compared to Hot Vacs, although the Silicone heat mats now cost a lot. I originally built my home-brew system back in 2010 when the arse was still hanging out the economy. Got 2x 1000 x 500mm mats made for a couple of hundred quid each, the control boxes were £30 each and the pump £50
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