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  1. The Chinese complaining about pollution and protecting marine life is laughable
  2. That will throw your speed curve off a little if you upsized an alternator to account for the increased electrical loads. Better for the engine, a little detrimental to boat speed
  3. In years past a Cup campaign was always a one off proposition. The whole intent was to win (either challenger or defender). Once the last race was sailed, that was the end. Assets could be held over or stored, but that was usually the end of the programs. Now there is the need to secure talent in between campaigns because the professional market is open to the highest bidder. In the past, with stricter nationality rules there was no need to have this continuity because with only one or two teams per Nation the talent was there. The Cup has a history of the nationality rules moving
  4. Look at the engine manual for the fuel curve
  5. Sometimes free is too much
  6. Did they fall into or out of the environment?
  7. Are you high? The props do not spin for hours or even minutes when disengaged.
  8. Luna Rossa can’t use the boat they challenged with until 2024
  9. Pearson 39 Yawl or Pearson 40 would be good candidates. Freedom 40 CatKetch too.
  10. The touchy feely crowd gets butt hurt easily. I thought it was funny
  11. Check with JBoats to see if they will give you a cg point measured from the bow.
  12. How is keeping a campaign overhead budget running continuously between Cups financially more sustainable?
  13. On point 3...all the more reason to get out of the current class of “boats”. This notion of reducing costs and continuity is a joke. Cost are high because of the design they chose. Continuity is only about keeping pay checks going.
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