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    what is it?

    Weed Stowe’s new project!
  2. sailman

    Diesel engine cold start - air intake preheater thoughts?

    Unless you are talking about a tractor outside, the engine is inside the boat. A blanket isn’t doing anything because the engine isn’t experiencing the same atmospheric conditions as being outside.
  3. sailman

    how old are you?

    I’ve trimmed bloopers
  4. sailman

    Diesel engine cold start - air intake preheater thoughts?

    Sleeping bags and covers in general work if there is a heat source under them. Without that they are not doing anything.
  5. sailman

    J80 PHRF setup

    Also, definitely report it to the Committee before racing.
  6. sailman

    J80 PHRF setup

    I would say that you should not receive a penalty/adjustment. If your area remains the same your performance difference will be negligible against new Dacron OD sails unless you are consistently in the upper wind ranges. Like you stated, the laminate sails will hold their shape longer.
  7. So NZ isn’t hiding the fact that this is a business and the sailing is secondary. High jacking the AC brand (like Ellison and Berterelli) for profit rather than sport.
  8. If they can sail during the week why can’t they race?
  9. sailman

    Spreading controversy

    I prefer straight Vegemite on toast. A little dollop in Chicken Noodle soup is pretty good too!
  10. Redeem what? This is about racing not spectators. Follow the rules.
  11. I have no idea what that means. Didn’t the agreed upon rules have contingencies for racing in Level 2 & 3?
  12. So ACE violates the agreed upon rules. Did LR agree to the delay?
  13. sailman

    Ultimate Cruiser? Route 66 Is For Sale

    That Goetz built boat is all kinds of ugly and for that kind of money I would have expected a better finish down below.
  14. Has NZ rolled out vaccinations?
  15. Was not aware that Big Tom was on that race course
  16. sailman

    Is this a proper rudder?

    Is no one going to mention the bow pulpit repurposed at a prop guard?
  17. sailman

    Ben Ainslie

    If he had been given a proper suspension he would not have qualified for the 2012 Olympics and would not have usurped Elvstrom’s record and would not be referred to as Sir.
  18. There are two roads using car racing as an analogy. F1 is driver focused with a ton of telemetry aiding decision making. NASCAR is pretty much the opposite with just being driver focused and no telemetry. I think the decision to allow powered devices takes a measure of the real sailing out of it. The grinders are essentially tokens, you could just as easily be running a diesel genset and just have two trimmers a helm, flight control and tactician. If you are going to remove the grinders you may as well get rid of the flight controller too and just have it be a contest of algorithms.
  19. sailman

    Prada Cup

    He would not have been kneeling there if he had received a proper penalty in 2011
  20. sailman

    Prada Cup

    If I understand these AC protocol rules, penalties are assessed by getting 50 meters behind the other boats. So in this case how can they both get 50 meters behind each other? The penalties cancel.
  21. Wait I thought no one was trading with Cuba? How is that watering down working with China?
  22. sailman

    1,900 containers into the Pacific

    I’m not sure of anything. I have seen the power of wave action tearing welded fittings off of ships. The ship was in heavy seas before the loss of propulsion. I do not think it is a stretch to say that the lashings were stressed before the casualty.
  23. sailman

    1,900 containers into the Pacific

    That link has it, thank you. No evidence just basic reasoning.
  24. You can apologize for Communism all you want it doesn’t change the reality.