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  1. Also great to see 3 different designs/designers in the top 4. It would seem you can be competitive with any of those 3 designs (and probably others too).
  2. After 19 days, only 3.5nm separate 2-4 in the C40's and they are lined up in sight of each other. Time for an 800nm drag race. This should be good.
  3. The rankings using DTF for the C40's is driving me nuts. Now showing Volvo in 5th, when they are clearly in 2nd and pulling away from 2nd-4th on the leaderboard over the last 4 hours.
  4. I don't think Lipinski is really in 3rd at the moment. There is more pressure to the south and when everyone gybes, he is not going to be looking so great. There are a whole bunch of boats almost equi-distant from the finish on his hip in a better position. Props to Redman for holding the lead for so long, but not extending much at all. They are just dangling out there with great positioning. Volvo too for that matter. I can't imagine how tough this race must be. It is Day 15 and there are 12 boats within 100 miles of the leader. While they aren't one-design there don't appea
  5. I own a J/111 and love the boat. Not sure I’d sail it to Hobart though. Great light air boat. Great downwind in a blow. Not so great wind in a blow. In my world, I’d much rather take a J/120 or J/122 to Hobart.
  6. The must have a problem. They haven't cracked 14 knots in a couple of days.
  7. Just made some room in my Inbox. Should work now. Thanks.
  8. Peter Becker has put together a new race. It is DH or SH return from Bermuda to Newport after N2B. There are already 14 DH signed up for N2B. A few more details about the race are here: https://yachtscoring.com/current_event_entries.cfm?eID=14831 We are super interested in this type of race and looking for a good boat on the East Coast that we could use/charter for both directions, preferably.
  9. We raced. It was fun. Saturday was funner. The Saturday start was wild. Very little wind, downwind start, strong current push, everyone starting on starboard, and everyone wanting to go right after the start made for a very crowded start line at the boat. And a boat that shall go unnamed managed to hit the committee boat thanks to the current. In the little boat start a number of boats were over early. It took one competitive boat 45 minutes to get back to the start line. By our start, the 3rd start, I think we'd learned our lesson that being over early was a really bad idea. Ou
  10. With Sam gaining on both of them! Someone please get Sam a decent boat. Here she is battling it out at the pointy end of a 22 boat fleet in a 100 year old boat against the absolute latest and greatest. That is some serious talent. Definitely not luck either as she has ebbed and flowed compared to the others, but currently the 2nd fastest of the leading 5 and right behind Apivia who was 35+nm ahead yesterday.
  11. I believe that happened to them in a previous race a few weeks ago. They are going 20.4 kts in the right direction now, so hopefully still racing.
  12. The other 11th Hour boat has been slow for over an hour and close to another boat that is going 10 knots faster...
  13. Roleur


    Exactly. The point is cruisers sell better than racers. Which is why the J/45 does not have the racing features requested above (and pasted below). "I would love to redesign the interior for offshore racing with a 10 person crew. No forward head and an empty forepeak with a platform under the bow hatch. 2 Saloon settee berths with 2 pipe berths above and one owners rack aft Aft walk through head with walk through to the cockpit locker like the J133."
  14. My interest in these races always steadily drops throughout the race as good boats have to withdraw due to equipment failures or hitting things. Each time I'm reminded these ocean races on fast boats are really more of a lottery than skill.
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