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  1. Are you able to beat the 109's boat for boat? In light conditions? That would be massive as around here, the 109s owe the 99s 9 secs/mile.
  2. More rake makes a lot sense for pointing issues and the fact we have predominantly lighter air than locations where a lot of rig tune originates. We are bringing our 111 down to Seattle this weekend to get our furler sorted, so we can increase rake as well.
  3. I think most of the boats entertained the idea of the 200. I believe all of the boats that finished the 100 ahead of us attempted the 200 (18 PHRF and faster). Aside from Dark Star only one other boat made it past Shilshole and they gave up the next morning as they passed Shilshole going north. Certainly the northern 100 offered far better breeze on this weekend. For us, coming from the San Juans, we weren't going south of PT unless we had high confidence it would be a good sail down south. There are already 3 trimarans registered for NC100. Pretty sure 4 would be a record.
  4. There is the AYC Doublehanded distance race in October. We are chartering a J/105 for that. I would expect there will 20-30 boats. All doublehanded.
  5. Yep, definitely some good highlights due to the amazing breeze for the end of June: About 20 boats started from PT. Only 2 went south, the rest north for the San Juan 100 first. Only 2 boats finished the Salish 200, the two fastest boats, Dark Star and Ocelot. Dark Star went north first and finished the 200 first, sailing double-handed. For the boats that went north we had 20-30 from the start to Rosario Strait. Everyone was reefed as we crossed the Straits on a very close reach. The breeze got funky from James Island to the east side of Orcas as it got dark.
  6. I'm told an announcement will be made on whether it is a go or no this week.
  7. Isn’t PRB close by? I recall driving past a PRB building with an IMOCA on the roof on the way into Les Sables.
  8. Is he double-reefed because that is the right configuration? Or because of the headboard issue? Doesn't look like much breeze.
  9. Looks like we have a J/105 that we can use. Don’t have boat details, but I do think it more sense to go OD for this event.
  10. I don't see a 3rd reef, but wonder what conditions would require a second reef for an otherwise underpowered boat with waterballast? I suspect those conditions would be so rare on LIS that it wouldn't matter. Few race boats in the PNW have a 2nd reef because we rarely/never get conditions where it would be needed. Also, I wonder if Robalex has another main with less roach and could just run that when the forecast called for it?
  11. Seems like a great idea. I suspect the J/99 could benefit from a similar sail plan for most US venues.
  12. So close! Sam is 0.2nm out of 1st and going 5 knots faster. Looking forward to the next update!
  13. Anyone have a lead or contact for finding a charter boat for the AYC DH Distance Race on the Chessie in October? We are coming from the West Coast, but would love to mix it up with some of the East Coast DH folks. Looking for something like a J/105, J/99, Sunfast 3300, L30, J/111, J/88, or similar. Sprit boats only. My wife and I have done a bunch of DH distance racing on our J/120, including DH to Hawaii twice, and are now doing DH distance races on a J/111. Thanks!
  14. Odd comment. Alex has more time sailing solo than anyone else in the VG and he has finished on the podium twice. Only Beyou also has a podium finish (3rd). Add that Alex finished 3rd on a boat that was at least two generations older than the other front runners and he clearly had the fastest boat last time. Seems like of all the entrees Alex needs time in actual races the least. The only things he needs to give him a chance of winning are a boat that he can sail to its potential and a boat that doesn't break.
  15. PRB? They were pretty similar boats when first launched and PRB has been updated significantly every 4 years since. PRB happens to be leading right now, 14 hours in to the race, which is really impressive.
  16. Still in Fiji according to a friend that get that far with her.
  17. 3 people, 3 headsails. Seems like a good matchup. Except one crew appears to be a professional backstay adjuster. That could be an issue. No specialists needed for short handed sailing. I like the high clew point on the jib.
  18. That's what we see here in the Salish Sea (PNW) as well. We just did a 102 mile race over the weekend. Start was very close reaching in 20-30. Then a few hours of 0-5 knots, then many hours of 5-15 both upwind and vmg downwind, then a close reach to broad reach in 15-30. Went from a reef and outboard sheeted jib, to full main and A3. Fantastic conditions for most of the race, but the 0-5 decided it, as a few boats got around the corner into breeze and were gone. We sat 100' offshore listening to a beach house party around midnight for more than hour. I think the J/99 with w/b would have
  19. Roleur

    Facnor FP

    We have one of those FD furlers on a J/111. The bearings are visibly flat-spotted, so we would like to change them. How would we do that? After 2 weeks of wondering and trying we and our very experienced rigger have no idea. Also, we would like to adjust mast rake and the turnbuckle is inside the furling tube. Just need to slide the tube up over the foil. Or down off the end of the forestay to expose the turnbuckle. Yeah, no. Neither of those are happening. So we have a 7 year old furler that apparently is going to require a new furler and a new forestay if we would like to be able to
  20. Learned a new value of the letterbox over the weekend. Dousing in 20 knots on a J/111 double-handed, while reaching at about 100 degrees apparent. We used the letterbox douse and it went great because dousing between boom and main prevented the kite from streaming off the back of the boat. That was the biggest benefit. I used to think it was most beneficial because the kite was drawn up against the back of the main and collapses. That's true when sailing low, but once the apparent is forward that doesn't work as the kite just wants to head to the stern without something preventing it like
  21. The Pt. Roberts Race was a success and plenty challenging with lots of sporty conditions. Too bad more boats didn't enter, but understandable since the race wasn't officially a go until 2 weeks before the start. We saw 3-21 knots upwind and 0-21 knots downwind. Had a sweet ride from Lummi Rocks to Pt. Bob in 10-21 from behind and then a bumpy bash back to Lummi before we were able to crack off a little with lighter breeze and flatter water. The ride back up from the south end of Lummi to the finish was sweet too. Chris made the super call to go with the A3 in case things got even more spo
  22. Interesting! What rating rule are you using with the Code 65?
  23. Round Orcas is now up to 37 registered boats. Last year we 17 boats. Also a pursuit start.
  24. I'm guessing that was from Van Isle 360 last year after leaving the fish farm towards Telegraph Cove? Fastest I've ever gone upwind. Is this on Sonic?
  25. We are going to give the Salish 200 a go. It may turn into a 100 miler, but the course is set up for that to work well. I know of 6 boats faster than our J/111 that are interested, so I think there is some chance boats will make the 200. As for racing in June, our next 5 weekends are booked. Pt. Roberts Race OIYC Opening Day Pursuit Race Windermere Cup Round Orcas Sailish 200 All of these are predominantly DH races with some 5 crew or less entries. Looking forward to a summer of racing.
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