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  1. The down arrow! Or the up arrow works too. Wish that was in the manual. My wife would like that hour of her life back that she wasted trying to figure it out.
  2. We do have Regatta Processor. I see now how the polars are entered there. We don't have Expedition yet, so this is good. There are apparently already polars entered, but we'll be adding a J1 and a larger kite and then we only sail DH, so all the numbers will need updating. Our boat came from San Francisco Bay where it is almost always breezy, so they didn't even have a J1 in the inventory.
  3. New boat has NKE with a Multigraphic display (yay!). Old boat had NKE with a Gyropilot Graphic. The multi is great, but we are puzzled by a few things: How do you setup the Regatta page? In the manual it seems straightforward, but we aren’t finding a base page to start with. There is the Tactic page, which is similar, but we aren’t able to change the middle display from circular Tactic information to the Race Timer + favored end info like shown in the manual. There is a VMG% field. That’s great, but what is it based on? We are often sailing upwind at 110-115% VMG. That’s great
  4. The Pt. Roberts Race next weekend (after Memorial Day Weekend) is on! Took until now to get the green light, but registration is open and boats are signing up. 64 miles of fun and the first or second real race of the year for most of us in the area. Looking forward to it. How about Quantum Leap? Endangered Species? After missing out on Southern Straits, the Patos Island Race, and Swiftsure, this is a great way to start the summer race season.
  5. Finally took a break from sailing to get the naming taken care of...
  6. It won't be cancelled. That said, there may not be any overnight moorage, but there is nothing against boats sailing around the islands. And yes, we do expect things to change in the next month. We've only had one new case in the last 5 weeks, so Phase 2 may be imminent. I don't see that San Juan County is living by King County's guidelines at all. Our policies seem to be specific to our island community with almost no medical facilities. FYI, 1 week ago there were 58 boats anchored in Echo Bay on Sucia.
  7. Round Orcas is up to 18 entrants, which is great this far out. If you haven’t heard, the Windermere Regatta in Anacortes in June is now mostly SH/DH, which while it is buoy racing it will be DH friendly. I suspect Shaw Island Classic and PITCH will have a lot of DH entries as well. Interesting times. Who would have thought a pandemic was the way to get more DH races in the Salish Sea?
  8. Round Orcas is happening in June. 11 SH/DH entrants so far. Seems like Vendee Salt Spring must have been cancelled in July? The link is gone. Definitely thinking about Salish 200 now.
  9. Interesting, I guess they changed the booms not long after your boat? Our Hull #94 came with a carbon boom.
  10. Well, that explains why the reefing line was so long! Key word - was. Ha. I might like to give it a try that way though. Tis okay, that reefing line is one of the last few lines on the boat we haven't replaced. Thanks for both of the reefing tips.
  11. No. It is just a fact. There are very few locations with a lot of sailors that are consistently windy. East Coast of US - not windy on average. West Coast of the US - not windy on average, except SF in the summer (but not the winter). The Med - not windy on average... Sure there are windy days at all these locations, but not most days. As a data point J Boats tends to design their boats to perform best in the 10-12 knot range because that is around the average wind speed experienced across all of their target locations.
  12. Peter or Hroth, I have a much simpler question. How do you handle reefing at the tack? I see the two padeyes on the mast. Have a D-ring on the main, but no lines and no obvious way to rig things up. I envision something going from a padeye on the mast to the D ring and then to? Tensioned how? Tonight is sail #4 DH on our J/111. So far so good with the handling part. It is more or less than same as the J/120 except a lot of things are easier/smaller. We haven't seen 15 knots of wind yet though. I do wonder about 3 sail gybing DH in over 20 knots. Seems like a good way to
  13. I recall you shared this opinion several years ago. Still don't understand it. While they are different, they are still very, very similar compared to the world of boat options. If you wanted to change from a J/120 you would be very hard pressed, if it is even possible to come up with another option that was more similar to a J/120 than a J/122. Size, weight, interior, downwind. Either way, doesn't matter. Just didn't want a J/122. They don't interest me and a J/111 does. Part of the motivation for changing was to get a slightly smaller boat since we almost exclusively double-hand.
  14. It hasn't, but the race is June 24th and the expectation is that it will reopen around May 31st. No guarantees on that, but I know that SJC will be requesting we advance to Phase 2 of the Governor's plan on Thursday as we've not had any new cases in 3 weeks as of Thursday. We shall see, but fingers crossed.
  15. It’s a slow night... So, we bought a J/111. 3 sails in and we are loving it. Wife loves it, which is most important. Lots of little details to work on, but so far the projects have gone swimmingly. Interestingly, a friend at our yacht club has a new J/99 on order. Hull 47 just shipped and his is number 49. Give us a year or two and maybe we’ll know which boat ended being the better choice. We have a similar race schedule planned and all DH. Pic below is about 20 minutes into sail number uno.
  16. Registration for Round Orcas has opened. Round Orcas Page At the moment it is only for SH and DH entries and it will be a pursuit start. Quantum Leap are you in? 7 boats signed up so far. This a great opportunity to do some racing without social distancing issues.
  17. It's all about the conditions. The point Peter was making was that in light air (the conditions I experience mostly), a Class 40 isn't a good choice as a much slower rated J/111 can easily sail a light air course faster. The Middle Sea Race was a predominantly light air event last year, which helps prove the point.
  18. Just registered for a SH/DH race in late June. It will be a pursuit start, so no race committee and no after party. Safe to say, but if we get to race at all in the near future it is going to be shorthanded. I see it as a bonus as we race shorthanded regardless.
  19. Pulled out the practice chute for the first time yesterday. Looks like there has been some sail trading going on down in SF. Ah well, seems appropriate for beer can racing.
  20. Seems like they might be trying to fill a gap that a lot of the new 30-33 footers can't fill. Light air performance. We don't all have the fortune to sail is big breeze on a regular basis. When we were surveying the market for a new boat, most of the new designs have the fatal flaw of being underpowered for our race venue (which is plenty fun sailing & racing if you have enough sail area). Glad to see they've increased the sail area on the Pogo 30. The early boat that I saw sailed like a rock in light air and yet rated like a J/35.
  21. I thought you were the source?
  22. We do. Yes, the 120 is/was quite awesome for double-handed and crewed racing + cruising. We find we are doing very little cruising nowadays and the 111 has two main benefits. No overlapping headsails and better downwind performance in a breeze. Plus it is just a smaller, lighter boat, with smaller sails, which is advantageous for DH. It is a pretty specific decision. The J/111 probably wouldn't be the choice if we lived somewhere else, but for our region and the races we do, we think it will be ideal.
  23. FWIW, since I started this thread - We ended up buying a 2013 J/111. Lower cost, faster, more room inside, and seems to do well in handicap racing. All we need now are some races to happen.
  24. Why the J Boat hate mail? You can claim the wonders of Archambault all day long without knocking J Boats, because at the end of day thousands and thousands of people love their J Boats and love to sail the shit out of them. Remind me which brand went 1-2, 4 overall last year in Transpac? We have races up here with 100+ boats and 30% of the boats are J Boats. Think they are all upset or disappointed about their choice of boat? If J Boat owners like their boats and love to sail them, what's the problem? Why do you even care?
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