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  1. Isa! She has been the fastest over the last 24 hours for the last 2 scheds and she just passed Boris. Up to 8th and gaining on everyone in front of her! Very fun to watch.
  2. What boat? Trying to keep a list of interested boats, so we make sure everyone is aware if this moves forward.
  3. Hmmm... Unfortunately, 200nm of delivery in the winter for a 31nm race isn't a threshold that works for me. We are having fun racing J/70's at our yacht club this winter.
  4. I would definitely get a second opinion. How long has the boat been out of the water? The keel is inserted into a socket in the bottom of the hull. So it is natural that water drips out of the socket down the keel. Then if the gap where the keel inserts into the socket has been filled with something like silicone or whatever, it will hold the water up in the socket longer. If the boat was just hauled recently for this survey, then it is completely normal.
  5. I believe that weekend is free on the race calendar, but I don't see there being much overlap at all for boats wanting to do a 150nm race one weekend and short buoy races the following weekend. Of the people, I know interested in the 150 miler, none are planning on Race Week, at least not on same boat. But it is something to consider, if there is real interest. Also, it Round Orcas is normally the same time at Race Week now, so are trying to decide whether to have it just a few days before Race Week, or the weekend before that. The idea being that could be a feeder race for people co
  6. ahab, what boat? I know of 7 boats in the PNW registered for Pac Cup 2022. I'm sure there are many others that haven't signed up yet. We had a great phone call yesterday talking about the plan for having a PT to Neah Bay race over Memorial Day Weekend. Nothing to report at this point. Now we are just watching to see if Van Isle gets cancelled. They are supposed to have more information on December 15th.
  7. Also PT to Neah Bay and back is 152nm which makes it a Pac Cup qualifier. PNW Offshore is the only other race in the region long enough to qualify.
  8. I'm hearing more than a little interest in a PT to Neah Bay and back race to be run around the same time as Swiftsure (last weekend in May). It's possible it gets promoted as a DH only race. Partly because that is Covid friendly, partly because there are a number of PNW DH entries in the 2022 Pac Cup and they are looking for some distance miles, and partly because there aren't any DH only distance races in the Salish Sea anymore. Northern Century started out as DH only, but now it is about 50/50.
  9. Not shorthanded, and I'm a huge fan of shorthanded events/divisions, but Newport to Bermuda gets a OD class of J/120's and J/44's. Transpac often has a division of Cal 40's. That's pretty cool as all of the above are more than 18 years old.
  10. George, one thing not mentioned is that unless you live in a windy area, a lot of J/111s racing handicap have gone to bigger A2's. The OD A2 is 130 sqm. Ours is 145 and Blur has one that is over 150. All of the J/111's in our area have a 145sqm kite or bigger. I feel like the standard A2 is more like an A4. Perfectly suitable for racing in SF Bay. I don't have a lot of data, but we do love our A3 as well.
  11. That challenge is the point. This race is one of the targeted double-handed distance races for the US schedule.
  12. A Pelagic connected to a B&G NAC-2 gets you connected to wind direction related steering. That's a relatively inexpensive way to get all the bells & whistles and some measure of reliability. But if you can get something below decks, do that.
  13. I can see a pursuit race, but otherwise I think the goal in this period is to keep the organizational requirements to a minimum. I highly doubt we will any new races this year with actual entry fees, awards, protest committee, etc. Too much uncertainty. I received a refunds from 3 different races cancelled last spring. What a nightmare that must have been for the organizers. I'll be shocked if anyone would be willing to step up to do anything more than say "hey let's all meet a X at Y time and sail to Z and back. Record your own finish." The San Juan 100 and Salish 200 were perfec
  14. PA or PT seem like good options for NW Offshore. I think the challenge for that race will be it is no longer a feeder for Swiftsure. How many boats participate with the goal of getting to Victoria ahead of the Swiftsure start and what happens when that rationale is gone? I think most everyone would prefer PT as the finish and the fleet size, even in a good year for NW Offshore would make it not too overwhelming for PT.
  15. Ah, you got it right with a trailerable setup. I spent all last evening scratching my head trying to figure out a solution for a DH distance racing boat that we can get to all the various races around the country. We bought a J/111 in March. Fantastic boat, but now I'm wondering if we should have gotten a J/88 or similar with a trailer instead. That said, if anyone knows of 28-40' sprit boat that could be chartered for this race, please let me know.
  16. At the moment it doesn't appear there will be any staging of 100+ boats in the near term. That is the main issue with the big races. It is even a question for summertime US races, which is why I feel we need solutions that are compliant with current guidelines and don't depend on the situation to improve in order for the race to happen. Too much uncertainty. Too hard to plan for. The going sailing part is much less of an issue. Port Angeles is another option. I do agree that timing the return to coincide with wind, would make racing in the Straits a lot more fun. The Ecluelet to
  17. We are already talking to others about some similar races to replace those that are cancelled with an emphasis on double-handed distance racing. Port Townsend to Neah Bay and back? Of course San Juan 100 and the Salish 200. Shorthanded distance racing is the very Covid friendly option nowadays.
  18. Is this the first race to fall for 2021? Sign of things to come?
  19. More importantly, it looks like Isabelle crossed in front of Sam and now Sam is only going 5.7 knots. Definitely something up with Sam.
  20. Nevermind that Isabelle spent a chunk of that time repairing her pushpit while consistently gaining on Sam.
  21. Isabelle can smell an opportunity to finish ahead of Sam. That probably wasn't on very many peoples radar at the start, but she proved she can get it done when since finished 3rd in the Arctique race a few months ago. Nevermind that her humble surprise at finishing 3rd was very endearing. Ironically Sam finished 2nd in that race, but... I mentioned 2 days ago when she was 100nm behind Sam that at her current pace she would catch Sam in 2 days. She is not 17nm behind and going faster in the same conditions. I'd love to see them both do well, but kind of like seeing Isabelle the
  22. Curious which side of the ice box the Dometic installs? It's not obvious to me where there is space around the ice box for the compressor. I was thinking to install an Isotherm with one of those wrap around plates. That's what we had in our J/120. The first unit worked great for 20 years, replaced it with the identical version 2 years ago and it worked great. For this type the compressor would go under the port settee with vents added to the settee wall into the cabin. FWIW it appears the OEM version for the new J/99's are similar to this.
  23. We have a DH fleet of J/70's going up here too. Now 5 boats with several more in the pipeline. Lots of fun. My hope is that we keep it DH regardless of Covid. We have lots of light air, so DH is plenty of bodies and hands.
  24. Why wouldn't Kevin have set off a flare after not seeing JLC for an hour or whatever? He knows a boat is in the vicinity, actively searching. That is the exact time to set off a flare.
  25. Is it a search pattern, or just the inability to hold the boat on station?
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