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  1. Seems like he’ll have a much faster run to the equator than the leaders had, no. Could bode well for a record.
  2. The boat on the move is Arkea. Wasn't he something like 12th across the equator? Now he very well could be in a podium spot by Cape of Good Hope. Surprised that PRB and Burton got swallowed up by the chasing pack. Just looking at the boat designs, would have expected them to leg out on all but Arkea.
  3. Looks like the tracker fixed itself and Isabelle is now going well in the correct direction. That was a correction to the tracker, not a new update sched.
  4. Arkea has serious wheels. He’s been as fast or faster than the leaders for a day now. Too bad he got lost in the NA and has to play catch up. Boris has good wheels compared to his little group. Did anyone mention Burton passed PRB? That’s notable. He’s leading the 1st gen foilers. His boat was converted to foils, right? It wasn’t built with foils, unlike Boris’ boat.
  5. I agree. At first I wondered if Linkedout and Apivia had a little pace on HB, but I think it more about slightly different wind speed and wind angle, in part because they are heading a bit higher than HB. They must have different goals for where they want to enter the Doldrums based on their arrival time and interpretation of the forecast.
  6. From the HB team - "Until now, the fleet has remained close together as the tough conditions have not allowed the foiling boats to show their full potential. With the leaders now passed Storm Theta and approaching the more consistent trade winds, the foiling boats are expected to stretch their wings as they head towards the equator." Right now the leaderboard is whack because the DTF numbers favor the boats to the east, whereas the optimal route is west of the south. Again, this happens every year. We won't have a clear idea of the real leaderboard until they exit the doldrums and
  7. Definitely. I am amazed at this groups inability to grasp the fact we haven't yet seen the conditions which the foilers were designed for and which they will spend the majority of the time sailing in.
  8. 24hr distance is far, far more important than instantaneous speed, or 4 hour averages.
  9. Has the fastest 24hr miles on the latest update by far. Looks like he put 30+nm on the main competition.
  10. Exactly. If I read one more time "Is something wrong with HB", while he is leading and pulling away, I'm going to punch my computer. It just nonsense and noise. Look at the numbers, look at the conditions, look at the standings. I feel like people thought HB was a Ferrari racing against a bunch of Yugo's and the fact that he isn't at Cape Town yet is some indication of failure. Stop!!!!
  11. No way. They won't get even close with this sea state.
  12. There is nothing at all unusual about the issues the boats are having this time. It happens every year. 8 years ago only about half the fleet made it to the equator!!! Sam & Jeromie were two of those that had to abandon. Safran lost its keel the first night out that year too. And if previous editions are an indicator we shouldn't expect more than half the fleet to finish, with the attrition typically higher near the beginning of the race than the end.
  13. Oops. I’m probably in large part responsible for that change... But don’t see that impacts the OP since their boat is a Santa Cruz 27 without a lifting keel. That said, an SC 27 doesn’t meet the minimum LOA requirement of 28’.
  14. We should all be clear that we have seen basically nothing about the potential of the boats for whole of the race around. None of the "fast" boats are optimized for the conditions they are seeing now and they will rarely if ever see these type of conditions again in the race. Happens every 4 years, that they get the stink knocked out of them in the first few days, then as they approach the equator we actually see who has the wheels to win this race. Until then, we are seeing who the great sailors are (many of them), but not much else. We can see that many of the boats are really holding ba
  15. Linked Out mentioned 28 knots already since the start, in nothing like ideal conditions. Mid-30's have been reported in recent years. I don't think anyone is claiming 40 knots, but maybe I missed it. I know Charal specifically said they had not hit 40.
  16. Didn't the SunFast 3300 win something last year?
  17. Right outside the marina entrance.
  18. I would definitely have Kevin higher, more inline with Sam. Where is Isabelle? She should be higher than at least the bottom 4, if not even higher than that. Corum is too high...
  19. Only 3,350 miles away from the start. Literally the farthest you can get from Ft. Lauderdale in the continental US.
  20. My wife and have done a lot of DH racing on our J/120 and now on our J/111. We are looking for a good boat to charter for Ft. Lauderdale to Key West double-handed. Ideally something like a J/88, J/99, J/111, SunFast 3300, or Aerodyne 38? Maybe a GP26? Farr 30 with a sprit? There are probably a bunch of other similar designs in that range. Asym and non-overlapping headsails. Looking for something that wouldn't be a logistical nightmare. Any suggestions?
  21. Our boat came from SF Bay where it was raced strictly OD. They left all the furling gear on and just didn’t furl. Not sure if that is common. Since we don’t race OD, and we race shorthanded, we’ve reactivated the furling (actually replaced the crap Facnor with a Harken).
  22. That would be a change from recent Pogo designs. The 40 and 30 certainly don't carry reef early sail plans.
  23. We did the Pt. Roberts Race (65nm), San Juan 100, Northern Century, and the Annapolis DH Distance Race (97nm). As Eric mentioned at the end, it was blowing a steady 34 knots at Race Rocks all Friday afternoon with higher gusts. We started heading to Port Angeles from Orcas and before we reached Cattle Pass we were already seeing gusts to 35. It was going to be 30nm upwind in 35 kts for us. That combined with the dismal forecast for the race meant we did an about face and headed home. A pleasant days sailing and circumnavigation of Shaw Island.
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