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  1. Why did they choose ORA rather than ORC, or ORR, or IRC? Honest question. If we are going to go to a VPP based rating can’t we standardize on the VPP. Here in the PNW it is ORC. What is The advantage of ORA?
  2. Only because it is not a new design with a double-handed focus. If I was strict I wouldn't have included the GP26 either. The fact the Farr 30 crossed the line ahead of all of the above mentioned boats except one Figaro 3, sort makes my point, that the new designs are oddly not particularly fast, particularly in light air.
  3. What amazed me about the 105 was we were able to carry the kite from R78 to R2, gybe and carry the kite all the way back to G83. A 180 degree course change and flew the kite both directions. That was kooky.
  4. You are very fortunate. We've done 6 100nm overnighters on faster boats in recent years. We've only finished faster twice. Other than the start, and trying to get under the bridge, I thought this was a very pleasant race with good breeze.
  5. With the full moon and clear skies you couldn't have asked for a better night to at least have a chance to see where the wind was and wasn't. It could have been much, much harder.
  6. Well, we like to think that, except that some always seem to find their way to top, regardless. The winners from each of the 3 divisions had sailors with a lot of notable finishes before. It wasn't luck they ended up on top (again).
  7. Seems appropriate, but there were a number of Olympic hopefuls in the field. As I'm sure you know, since you were there, but others may not know, this wasn't your average beer can field. For better or for worse, this was much (not all mind you) of the top double-handed talent in the US today.
  8. 17 boats? There were 37 boats. More than double the entry list from last year.
  9. J-35. What puzzles me is how a J-35 rates the same as a J/105 in ORC? As for good in light air, they first 3rd overall out of 37 boats, so... Since two J/105's raced ORC we have a rating for the J/105 and can apply it to the OD class. Doing that math a J/105 was first overall. I believe 5 J/105's were in the top 10 overall.
  10. Oh, and speaking of the race... Some interesting results: A J/105 was first overall on corrected time (ORC). They finished pretty close to a J/120, X4.3, and Figaro 3 on the water. They raced in the one-design class, but we can extrapolate their finish time and the ratings applied to the two J/105's that weren't in the OD class because they weren't a mixed gender crew. From the new crop of shorthanded designs there were 2 Figaro 3's, an L30, a Dehler 30, and a SunFast 3600. There was also a GP26 and two Italia 9.98's. Just ranking these boats in the overall it went like this:
  11. YB can adjust the update frequency. Mostly depends on the length of the race. Longer race, longer intervals to preserve battery life.
  12. Got a quote from them a week ago for an emergency rudder. All seems well from the back & forth we've had.
  13. I should have been more clear. The 3 months on the market were quite reasonable. The entire state was on lock down for half of that. It was the 7 weeks to close that I found surprising. And yes we did have a potential buyer in Canada that could never get to the boat.
  14. Yann Elies is so interesting to watch. Often he is ahead, sometimes he is all the way at the back, but rarely is he in the pack. More often than not he is "dancing to the beat of his own drummer". He makes bold moves and often if pays off. Great for the spectators.
  15. Wonderful reaction. I’m a new fan. MACSF is the old Safran, then Queginier? Great boat, similar to PRB back when they were first launched.
  16. Wow! I go to bed and wake to up to find a serious smack down from the ladies (2nd, 3rd, and 4th!). That is really, really cool to see. Sam only 3 mins from the win. Nicely done. I expect there were plenty of smiles and happy fans around noon on a Saturday for that. I suspect Charlie isn't too disappointed. He clearly has a fast boat. That is far more important than winning at this stage of a Vendee program.
  17. It has been awesome! Better than we hoped. We have done something like 34 races this season and almost all of it DH. We even do short buoy races DH without issue. Much prefer longer races where we can stretch our legs though. My wife & I sail our boat (always) and we find it to be particularly easy to sail short-handed. That said, we live in a mostly light air location, so the powered up 111 is very fun. If we lived in a windy location I would favor something like a J/99. Assuming it happens, we are planning to race around Vancouver Island (Van Isle 360) next year DH and then we ar
  18. A 69 rating seems "unaligned" with other ratings for the 99. Seems like they are mostly 72-78. Pretty sure Thin Man does not have water ballast, but probably does have the bulb keel. I do wonder if the ORC fin keel is not all that. It's slipperier, but heavier and less righting moment. Also curious, does Thin Man rate the same as a the J/109's in the area? That would be odd given their ORC ratings are about 10 sec/mil different. Didn't the Vineyard race have a lot of light air? To my eye the J/99 is always going to struggle in light air in PHRF land. FYI, we raced a J/99 o
  19. Format yes. Boat hasn't been selected yet, although this boat, the L-30, seems to have a head start in the selection process, with several Olympic format races already happening in them. The Middle Sea Race was supposed to have the Mixed World Championships next month in L-30's, but that part of the race got cancelled, because all of the qualifying races for the Worlds earlier in the year were cancelled. Other possible boats for the Olympics are the SunFast 3300, JPK 1030 (?), Dehler 30, J/99, J/105, and a few other mostly Asian built boats. Boat selection isn't until December 2023.
  20. Such a crazy competitive fleet. Imagine, after 500nm, you are 4.1nm behind the leader, oh and you are in 31st place!
  21. Iker Martinez sailing for Spain. Yikes. No lack of skill in that group.
  22. Oopsie. It turns out we bought a boat before the mad rush on recreational boats and RV's and sold a boat in just 3 months during the peak. Who would've thunk? And we've been able to race our new boat about 30 times since May 1st, almost exclusively DH, since DH is now the socially distant way to race. The new boat is an absolute blast to sail too. Better than we hoped. Boy did we mess that one up...
  23. We just sold our boat. It was on the market for 3 months before we had a nice offer. Then it took 7 weeks to close. Everything about the closing process took longer than normal. In contrast we bought a boat in late February. Process took less than 2 weeks.
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