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  1. North Sails in Annapolis. It is awesome. The extension is the key. Makes it look better and more than doubles the sun/rain protection while sitting in the cockpit. We did all kinds of races and had a number of nice wins, always with the dodger.
  2. Closing took 6 weeks. Apparently the marine title companies are swamped right now. Every step of the closing process seemed to take longer than normal.
  3. Sold! Staying in the Salish Sea. They new owners think they will be cruising mostly, but they come from racing, and they will soon find out what a fun boat Shearwater is to race.
  4. Cross-posting from the SA Forum. We are signed up for the AYC DH Distance Race in October. Our plan was to borrow a J/105 and race OD, but it is looking to be more of a fleet of modern ORC boats this year. Since we own a J/111 on the West Coast, chartering a J/111 would be a good choice for us to join the action in ORC. Anyone?
  5. We are signed up for the AYC DH Distance Race in October. Our plan was to borrow a J/105 and race OD, but it is looking to be more of a fleet of modern ORC boats this year. Since we own a J/111 on the West Coast, chartering a J/111 would be a good choice for us to join the action in ORC. Anyone?
  6. I agree and I think that is fine. Expecting a high percentage of people to like the same boat is as ridiculous as getting a high percentage of people to like the same beer, car, house, city, job, wife, mattress, etc. It's not going happen to any large degree. Thus handicap racing. And not taking all of this too seriously. Our boat is fun for us to sail. The rest is just icing on the cake.
  7. LCD was decidedly not meant to be an offshore boat. There are some light, flexy bits. Cool boats though. There are two Riptide 25's being built in Port Townsend right now. Supposedly they will be on the line for Pac Cup 2022. Definitely a small shorthanded offshore boat. No idea the cost though. Personally, I do think the boat has to have a sprit to be fun. I have as much interest in sailing a boat with a pole as I have in learning to knit. I doubt I'm the only one.
  8. Agreed. My enjoyment sailing a J/70 would be infinitely greater than a Santana 22, since I would get zero enjoyment out of sailing one. The J/70 is clearly money better to spent (to me). Sailing and boats are so personal, it is really hard to generalize, and nearly impossible to project your feeling about boats to what others feel about their boats. We recently bought a 7 year old boat. We could have spent 1/10th of that on a sailboat that technically sails, but I wouldn't have enjoyed that 1/10th boat at all, and we are enjoying the heck out of our new boat. We've raced it 23 times
  9. Do what you can, with the cards you have. This isn't fantasy land. Just enjoy the ride. You've got it figured out. Aren't you on the West Coast now? No interest in a Singlehanded Transpac?
  10. Not a fat head, just a bit more roach. It's possible that with the big masthead crane that is standard on a 99, that it gets to code 6, due to the roach that is easy to add. Not much downside to being powered up in 12 knots. Pretty easy to keep flattening sails and depowering above that, but if you race where it is often less than 12 knots, no real downside. I mentioned elsewhere that we've raced 18 times this year. I can count on zero hands how many times the average wind speed has been above 12 knots. Also, One Life has water ballast.
  11. Interesting data point. One Life is getting a 3 second credit for your smaller than "normal" kite (code 4), and a 3 second penalty for the your larger than "normal" main (code 6). Normal being the PHRF definition based in IJPE. It would be interesting to know if your kite is max code 4, or somewhere in the middle of that range. Also curious if your main is max code 6, or actually just barely over the max code 5. If I had to guess, I would wager your kite is small in the code 4 range and your main is just barely big enough to code 6. Translation, you could increase the size of your kite a
  12. Sounds like it would rate something like 12 sec/mile slower than a J/125 then? That's not bad considering it would be easier to shorthand and more comfortable in general. Isn't the base rating of a 121 closer to 30?
  13. Exactly. We just finished our 18th double-handed race of the year on our J/111. At least 12 more planned for the remainder of the year.
  14. Any idea the rating impact of the new rig and sails?
  15. I feel like they could just turbo the 121 and be there. The 121 hull is all that, but the rig is so conservative, that it rates basically the same as a 122, despite being much lighter and having water ballast. Put a decent stick on it, and watch it go.
  16. Well, we have a 57 boat double-handed race tomorrow. Forecast is 2.5-3.5 knots gusting 3-4, so pick your poison. Race Committee extended the time limit from 5 hours to 6 hours in hopes that some boats will finish.
  17. Turns out Valkyrie is rated for an even larger Kite (Code 5) than 143m2. Ours is exactly 143 (max Code 4), so we are getting a 3 second credit. That said, it didn't look like either of Valkyrie's kites were 143 or larger, but I could be wrong. Something I had in mind to mention to Cathy. I think she is giving up 6 seconds to us for no speed benefit. Apparently her main is larger than ours, but I bet it is only a bit larger and doesn't justify the 3 second hit.
  18. Not the answer you are looking for, but it is interesting that in PHRF NW the 130m2 kite for a J/111 is actually a 6 sec credit and up to 143m2 is a 3 sec credit. My translation is that a 115m2 is by no means a big kite for the J/99.
  19. Yes, 115m2 sounds like a normal size kite. For reference the J/111 OD kite is 130m2, and around here in PHRF land we all have 143+m2 kites on the 111s. I would want as big of a kite as the sailmaker can make efficient on a 99.
  20. Polars only go up to 20 knots of wind speed. What happens above that wind speed is where the fun really starts.
  21. So, we had a French built J/120 and now have a US built J/111 and a good friend has a J/99 getting commissioned right now. We thought a lot about the J/99 vs. J/111 (see thread here) before going with the J/111 and so far the new boat has exceeded our expectations. We primarily race(d) both boats DH and were reasonably successful with both. We had some success on the J/120 DH against fully crewed J/109s. The J/111 is a better race boat. The J/120 is the better cruising boat. That said, the J/120 is a fantastic all arounder in PHRF. I can't figure out what the J/109 is
  22. Also, narrower foredeck equals less volume, equals less weight, no?
  23. Down the Sound is on. It will be a one day event, but still and SH/DH and a pursuit race. Seems like a reasonable alternative given the situation. Hopefully, there is enough time to get a good turn out.
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