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  1. Buy a well sorted one. Unless you damage it should be low maintenance unless you want to fettle where I expect it can get a bit all encompassing or blank cheque territory. Put aside an amount to have someone else (professional) to deal with wear and tear. Try to look after it, sort things before they get terminal.
  2. So basically this comes down to "purchasing power" and discounting, which is all good capitalism. If the 49er class members want to pay 25% more (assuming it is only 25% more?) for something that they believe lasts twice as long (how that is concluisvely proven I don't know) then that absolutely makes sense - and probably is indicative of the fact that the vast amount of 49er sailing is done by olympians and olympic wannabes who will burn through a few sets of sails a year, rather that weekend warriors. I must admit that, in all areas of business that I've been involved in, making st
  3. Blimey its not even April! 3Di are approaching double the cost of panelled in most classes, and you generally don't even see the NS jockeys use them in most classes where you have choice. Moth and 18ft perhaps being exception. I wonder how they made the calculations re: longeivety? Windows in 49er pics look big!
  4. Historic and socioeconomic context to sailing/yachting and how that continues to manifests itself in our modern day cultural treatment and perception of sailing in our different regions is pretty fascinating. Thanks, Steve.
  5. Cheap. You can take a northerner somewhere warm and he will still be cheap.
  6. Seconded Mozzy is the man and now a sartorial icon to boot.
  7. I remember Giles sailing with us in Laser at senior squad training owing to being 6'6" at 15 years old!
  8. Sort of. I accidentally made a gybeing dagger system that I became convinced twisted shut. Constrained in all planes at deck, but only at the TE at the exit of the hull, so without infinite torsional stiffness I think it did the opposite of twist up when loaded. This will also happen passively with forward rake, and twisting open will happen passively with aft rake / sweep.
  9. He has come across really well I think.
  10. All great points as ever. 2 things - firstly as an example do you think Ben was the final signatory over say the boom vs no boom situation? I think I saw no boom on B1 pic today and it looked gash, so if it performed badly, one could see that a sailor's bias based on those early forays would understandably be to park that option. Absolutely they would maintain a "decision register" with this sort of thing in it, but assumptions and limitations are always going to be present in simulation, but its a tough gig for engineers, let alone to sailors to understand and pass judgement on how sound the
  11. I accept all of that. I'm not sure how the transfer market goes with this sort of thing, to what extent that any particular guy or guys will assure you of the right result. But I understand that in proposing the rule, TNZ and to some extent Prada had a headstart in both design and also appropriate personnel.
  12. All things being equal*, small foil will need more takeoff speed, say 19kts boatspeed rather than 17kt. Will be draggier in the high and slow mode that LR did so well, beacuse you are off optimal ~ 4 deg aoa situation because your increase in induced drag is outweighing the wetted surface improvement. That said it''ll be dynamite once you are going over 30 - 35kts. *They may have done something with section design or flaps which means that they can get same grunt from smaller area, oooor they could have some rig benefit that means they have enough low end punch to unstick the foils
  13. That sounds fair - I can't say I was following this mcuh until Xmas. As an Engineer, you have to be very careful with any sort of analysis or simulator prediction, even in this day and age. Or maybe prticularly in this day and age given its prevalence due to availability of computing power. I guess it sounds that in the absence of much "real" validation data, he had to just go with the sims stuff - his discomfort with this probably improves his judgement to my mind. I think that you have to give designers free reign else they will come up with stuff that is derivative. But equally its goo
  14. True but I'll be contraversial and say not same league. Neither of them would trouble the leaderboard at say the Moth worlds, which can be the bellwether of individual prowess in 21st century foiling boats.
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