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  1. Yesterday I did it too and feel the same after the time and effort to get this far
  2. And it can happen to anyone. I saw Mom doing 3.1kts at the red line for a brief period of time last night.
  3. So the cancel culture got upset about Matt's boat name and convinced him to change it? Fuck'em bring back the Mangina!!!
  4. I know, Really? You got to be f...ing kiding me!!!
  5. Ditto what Will said. I have been following you and most of the SA'ers since whenever this group was formed. Have never blocked anyone if it is even possible. Always appreciate the comments and updates in standings so thanks again Rat!
  6. Thanks for the update Rat enjoy your weekend as well. I'm right in your wake so go have fun with the "missus"
  7. It has been a while but what the heck, Gybe Turkey will be on the line with full pack
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