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  1. Does anyone have a picture of how Beneteau does this? Looking for some pictures of a clean installation....doesn't have to be the LS drive....the angled twin rudder arrangement complicates things a bit
  2. Without a speed reference the pilot won’t be able to make intelligent decisions about how much rudder it need to give.. faster speeds mean less rudder. You get the idea. If you have sog that will work for now
  3. Do you have speed to the pilot? Without a speed reference it will do as you describe
  4. GWB

    3Di Nordac

    Some time has gone by since the last post in this thread. I’m hoping some of the posters will come up with feedback on longevity of the 3di nordac. I’m trying to decide between the 3di nordac and the npc radian nordac for my 40’ cutter that I race and cruise. Thanks for any feedback..
  5. Thanks for that! He looks to be in some nasty stuff right now... what is his strategy for the really bad stuff? Does he have a drogue... go with it with just a scrap of headsail..? does he have a regular 3 blade prop..?
  6. Fantastic effort! Do you have any pictures of the prep on the hard or otherwise. Would love to know details of what went into getting the boat ready for this. Twin backstays and reinforced boomkin, any bottom fairing? Max prop?
  7. Heres a link to a better tracking map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1DE75k52wx-5x30_qRjXY8f3t24k&ll=0.6151674277985724%2C-8.02293623950186&z=3 I think Jeff Hartjoy left from somewhere in South America?
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