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  1. This is a good looking boat. Hopefully it doesn't become someone's planter.
  2. Ok... Last one, then I'm going to bed.... These were always interesting looking boats to me. Only ever saw one in person. Never saw it sail. "Flying Fish" I remember the mast being absurdly large for a little boat. I didn't realize they had fully battened sails. I imagine under the right conditions this could have been a lot of fun. But AMF. https://westernmass.craigslist.org/boa/d/east-hartford-amf-alcort-flying-fish/7311794823.html
  3. What is absolutely most interesting about this one is that some builder thought highly enough of a TANZER 16 to make a copy. Hmmmm. https://fingerlakes.craigslist.org/boa/d/romulus-tanzer-16-island-sailboat/7315719695.html
  4. Mobjack..... These could be fun boats, I've seen a few sailing well in good condition. Last one I saw like this I cut up & put piece by piece into a dumpster...but hey...maybe someone is really looking for a way to dispose of a few hundred bucks. https://boston.craigslist.org/sob/boa/d/kingston-17ft-sailboat-trailer/7320332847.html
  5. Here's an interesting little board boat for anyone up for a serious road trip. https://kalispell.craigslist.org/boa/d/dayton-topper-sailboat/7318288995.html
  6. This may be the best find out there.... another 'Free' boat! Looks like a SJ 21. Probably best use for one I've seen. https://www.craigslist.org/about/best/phx/6100073306.html TEXT From Ad: Free 18' Sailboat. Grandpa was a sailor, missed the open water and so he hired a crane to drop a sailboat in his swimming pool. Time to get the boat out. Free to anyone who can remove the boat without damaging the block wall or landscaping. Serious inquires only. No trailer, no boom, no sails or rigging. Rudder? Yes. Still free. Thank you.
  7. This boat needs pedals. Perhaps a swan or dragon head. Put a fleet of them in the koi pond at a 1970's amusement park and you have a perfect system.
  8. Man I wish this boat were closer...I would buy that in a second. Unfortunately no cross country road trip in my near future. That is an awesome color scheme.
  9. Ok, this is a typical problem. Lasers have this problem as do many other similarly rigged boats. Short answer if you're not willing to modify your sail and add a halyard is to learn to sail the boat under full sail to and from the dock...which is hard...very hard. We do it all the time at our club, but even experienced sailors screw it up occasionally. You can rig a halyard. It's not hard. Several boats use sleeved masts and can do what you are looking for. Look up: Banshee and Zuma boats (first two that pop into mind) That should get y
  10. This boat reminds me of the Super Satellite a guy used to race at our club and CRUSH on handicap any time there was a steady breeze under 5 knots. We called it the damned red boat. It was basically a cereal bowl with a bad paint job (dripping, chipped red house paint inside and out) and a long skinny mast. Boat was about the size of an Albacore but based on the lack of ANY structure inside the thing probably 50 lbs lighter. Foils were corroded flat plate aluminum with giant pits in them. The rudder had the shape of a scimitar and I still can't figure out how he was able to st
  11. Fairly confident that's the "Stevenson Design Wing Dinghy" Always wondered if anyone ever actually built one. Welp there it is.
  12. Their plans leave quite a bit to be desired, but you can build and sail them. When I first got into sailing I bought a couple of their plans that I thought looked like fun (mini foiler & wing dinghy) Despite being pretty darn new to sailing a close look at their plans told me they weren't worth building. I met a guy sailing one of their pocket yacht designs down in Alabama one winter. Boat was amazingly ...uhh interesting. They had 'swages' made by copper tubing crimped on loops of wire to terminate the standing rigging. Rudder gudgeons were just pairs
  13. The Welcraft boats tended to be heavy. This isn't all bad. They typically could be made into descent day sailing boats. Rarely could be made into racers. (Though the winning-est boat in class history was a welcraft) The spin hardware is pricey as mentioned. It should come stock with a Harken roller furler. If it doesn't, subtract $300 from your offer. If it is the Hat-Box gunwale design (long cockpit) count on repairing the hull deck joint. None of those should still be dry 40 years is a long time for bonds to dry out and crack. Expect a rebuild on the rudder
  14. Thoughtful kids. Nice drawing. I like the style.
  15. I'm thinking your upwind performance has more to do with underwater forms/features and balance than the shape of your sail. I believe getting your leeboard right is going to have more impact than the type of sail. If your center of effort on the sail is forward of the center of effort underwater you will never get upwind .
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