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  1. That cup is built to the same tolerance as a Topper
  2. Could well be... So what would need to be hard wired in that is so important? Gear changes? Changing what you are pumping? IE swapping from hydro power to drive a jib winch? Potentially this it to do with a button push. A cable through dyneema could make sense.
  3. Im pleased we have successfully discounted it being anything to do with heart rate.... So get your tin hats on... What else could it be?
  4. Yes.... Certainly if they are only monitoring what they are producing on the water which is a result of their training/study. They will be wanting to monitor their Watts most importantly and the fitness/sports science work is done in the gym.
  5. I'm not sold... you dont really ever let go when not crossing sides.
  6. I agree.. I too have a power meter and heart rate monitor which gives me the data I need to monitor real time and analyze post ride. If these guys are winding handles and need anymore than a pro cyclist would whilst competing I would be amazed. My gut reaction is that it is some form of secondary powering system... Providing power for something else that is not hydraulic. It is a small detail, but I have just never noticed it before
  7. Guys, In the latest STEM video online, what are the strings which are attached to the grinding handles for!? I have no doubt its a stupid question lol.... But Not spotted before
  8. As they say... If you can piss you can paint!
  9. I expect they would quite like a light day, get some crew confidence back and more of a lottery sail may make for a easier result... either way, winning or losing.
  10. Really good reply.... Thanks. Especially the above statement, if the risk is a penalty then I would agree we are working with safe constraints.
  11. This is true and fact! So where is the what if factor in this? What if: There was a small shift? There was a slightly lull or gust on one boat for a short duration? Ben got the fear and made a small error causing a loss in boat speed? 'James' was closer and right of way boat, and INEOS failed to recognise this early enough? I should reiterate that I am not suggesting the result should be changed, but more have the ACRM set the rules correctly to avoid major incidents.
  12. I agree, I think it would be great to have more on this as it showcases the umpiring very nicely!
  13. I agree, it would make normal racing rules complicated, but I felt that the point of this was the limit dangerous contact etc. I am under no illusion that this was a No Penalty situation, but my point was should it have been after seeing just how close the boats got in the matter of seconds. Very happy to see this whole regatta play out like this and I hope that we dont see any more issues in boats being broken (hopefully nothing else), but moving forward a few subtle rule changes could limit accidents before they happen. What I do take from this, was how cool Ben and the team k
  14. But still close considering the potential outcome In this instance, the sailors sailed very well and seemed to be in full control; the jury/event are relying on this However, If I am right that 'James' (I take great pleasure in that), felt that he was making avoiding action then maybe the safety diamond is too small.
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