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  1. Rambler 3miles to the finish…… waiting to see how RORC and better yet the internet scores it.
  2. Pretty easy to look at all the boats track on YB. Butterworth must have had his eyes closed as dawn was coming
  3. Sorry to jump into this thread yet I'm curious as to the crewlist of those onboard. Is there a link to the crewlist? Thanks!
  4. Looks like a tie between Bouwe and Stu Bannatynes with 9 each. I guess Bouwer could take the lead w/ this years Ocean Race
  5. The question is: Who has sailed around Cape Horn the most? How many times and in what years?
  6. I asked Kostecki once if he was dissapointed about being replaced and his answer was " heck no, we needed to win so I could get my bonus money! "
  7. Watching the races there was a reference to a ‘JK’ move at the bottom mark. What does that mean?
  8. Where's your lifejacket?
  9. Just heard about this. Any updates on other states banning recreational boating?
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