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  1. Looks like a tie between Bouwe and Stu Bannatynes with 9 each. I guess Bouwer could take the lead w/ this years Ocean Race
  2. The question is: Who has sailed around Cape Horn the most? How many times and in what years?
  3. I asked Kostecki once if he was dissapointed about being replaced and his answer was " heck no, we needed to win so I could get my bonus money! "
  4. Watching the races there was a reference to a ‘JK’ move at the bottom mark. What does that mean?
  5. Where's your lifejacket?
  6. Just heard about this. Any updates on other states banning recreational boating?
  7. Is there a crew list for Wizard? Who was onboard, great job!
  8. H50 had a accidental keel drop that resulted in the bulb seperating from the fin. It happened with the boat in the travel lift so no lobstah were injured.
  9. Click here: A clear night for a Foggy launching - The Ellsworth American
  10. Yes, 1988 ABYC Turkey Day Regatta. Pee Wee vs. Houdini. Larry Klien was third.
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