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  1. Fritz was (is?) on the Gold Coast.
  2. It might be a good idea to give one of the faster monos your camera before the start and ask if they can take some sailing pictures early on, before you are out of range...Just so we can all have a look.
  3. I never meant to infer tris went better in the light - just an observation of one specific instance and set of circumstances where transitions between two hugely different multis had an unexpected outcome. As I said, once the repeated short tacking up a narrow channel against a huge current was passed, they were off. By the bottom of Russell Is. I could barely hold a sheet anymore from the repeated tacking. Maybe the same thing was hindering other crews as well. There are so many factors who knows. Was interesting, that's all.
  4. Once we got beyond the tight tacking in a narrow channel with crazy current, Turning Point was off and long gone. It felt like we tacked 20 times in a mile. I think they had 4 or 5 runs at the same fisherman on the bank at the worst point.
  5. The cat/tri difference really stood out in the last Surf to City in the really light stuff up the channel- Poor Turning Point went backwards with the current while we were just making way. I don't know if getting caught in irons is such an issue for Tri's either. Does Two Tribes have a self tacker? I was really impressed with BOSS racings overlapping self tacker, or at least that is what it looked like.
  6. Saw a fully battened overlapping self tacker on BOSS racing today- I assume Saxby made it. Clew board 2-3 feet (?) forward of the clew. Might be a picture of it somewhere?
  7. hello rob

    Sydney is all a buz with vodaphone visit. have spent time on the 60ft tri and organised cross tasman relationships with the pittwater skippers. The southport race forecast is not looking good for a multi fest and probably wild oats will beat them north. never the less the sight of 2 big tri's in Syd harbour is amazing. If you get the chance check out the different way they wo...

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