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  1. Metallic is harder to patch when you have an unfortunate incident with a wharf or port tacker Hi Scanas, skulking stealthily through a fleet appeals to me a lot! I should be thinking too of what looks the best in case I put the company logo on later. So potentially go for option 3 with the company color (dark blue) as the edging and white as the larger centre color where the nice big logo (blue/white/gold) goes? How many vote for a white hull and no color? My color choice at the moment for the hull is Silver Metallic (835) , mainly as it is neutral enough to go with a strong c
  2. Beautiful, thankyou for allowing us to live through this refurb online
  3. The white pex tubing has a light green tinge to it when placed against a white background, different brands give a different hue as noted by an architect on a recent fitout we did resulting in the replacement of many many lengths
  4. There would be a lot of people wishing this keel fin never surfaced
  5. I've been watching this thread for a while and wish to offer my condolences to your father and the rest of your family
  6. Speaking of sails, what sort of fabrics are in the mix
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