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  1. What say we all kick in a few bucks to help Hot Rod get back on his feet. I'm thinking a Home Depot gift card so he can start laying in supplies for his next build.
  2. Being a musician and a bit of an audiophile you might find this interesting
  3. The first video the bass player and the drummer are Spy Boy alumni. I saw Emmy Lou about 10 years ago and I know that drummer Brady Blade was there, but can't recall who else was. Production value, while I don't think is a make or break issue, can push a very good album to an excellent level ie: Emmy Lou's "Wrecking Ball" Mr Lanios producing. " Time Out Of Mind" is a double album, try giving it another spin. "Naked" by FAR better than the original, with Mr McCartney and Mr Starr producing. I have the vinyl. The second video is Mr Lanois on guitar 15 years on from the first video, with Bria
  4. another take; these two drummers are brothers, Brian and Brady Blade
  5. Red State voters are gonna start dropping like fly's. Obama, you gotta love him. Republicans and their voter IDs ploy is child's play. Who say's Obama is weak? WHO!
  6. Damn shame bout the offset companionway though. I dig the multi color waterline stripes
  7. having da woodcunt on ignore is a god damn blessing, kinda like eating a big mexican dinner, then not being able to drop a duce the next morning but just before noon it hits you. so you run, or more like waddle to the head and you barley sit down before you explode the mother of all steaming piles................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what relief
  8. is that a life raft just aft of the garbage can? or maybe an ice chest to keep other peoples fingers in?
  9. Yea, two twats with a griffter breathing down their necks
  10. That's nothing. Wait till it starts on your mother fing head
  11. What exactly is happening on the side decks from mid-ship forward...some kinda VOR high performance racing deck foil?? You mean the windsurf board just forward of the window unit air conditioner? That's about the most normal thing on the boat! thats just a surfboard, and thats just his growing shack, all for personal use of course
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