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  1. That is all in a very different price range. The Hall-product (both in round and foil shaped) are cured pre-preg carbon "rods" with Ti end fittings. Inspection interval is high, maintenance is easy, repair can be done in situ and the rods will last 20+ years. Any external fittings might need replacement sooner though. From a price point, Smart Rigging (part of a group that makes cables for very large cranes) is friendlier than what Hall or FF can offer. Carbo-Link is for the bigger stuff. ec3 is like ec6 from future fibres though with limited choice in cable properties and fittings (plus
  2. @Panoramix, @NZK, @Omer, @Kaptajnen see above for the protest decision of this incident including a link to the location you can find it As @NZK wrote, the Js show up to superyacht regattas but have their own party (own [fleet] start, additional rules) on the water. As highlighted before, 3 owner drivers, one pro-driver (topaz) and plenty of experience both on the bow and in the afterguard in the Js.
  3. I suppose that is why all of us are surprised: experienced crews who have done several weeks of training on these boats the last 6 months. No people in important places who haven't had more than 2 years experience in their role on a J. Even the three owner-drivers (Topaz has Holmberg driving still I believe, though I didn't make it to Antigua this time) have got plenty of time on the helm.
  4. ^was for the superyachts, not for J-Class. They have their own safety rules and some additional rules for racing. So no 40m rule, no staggered starts. Here is a link to the protest: http://jcy.boxstuff.net/uploads/730575/public_download and the text below
  5. In superyacht racing there is a 40m rule (which is where the Pantanius sponsored range finders come in, 2 on each boat and 1 dedicated person for comms with other boats). 39meters will get you flicked from the race in the fastest hearing you will ever enjoy in the room. But today's 100fters are more manoeuvrable which is why you have more superyacht events that allow a certain number of boats to run fleet starts and do away with the 40m rule and staggered starts. See for instance the performance class at Palma Superyacht Cup or the maxi racer class at Maxi Worlds. For the Js, the
  6. Problem is it takes a minute or two before your hel input (might) have any affect. And easing your main relatively quick isn't without danger either. That is also why each boat has a safety boat
  7. I believe they still have the 52SS, but got the 52 (ex-Platoon I believe) just before the 2018 IRC/ORC Worlds in The Hague.
  8. I'll bite: at that point in time, they were still bound by EU law and no UK-based company could match price, quality and safety features
  9. @Wess and @samc99us, First and foremost, they (the Rapido60 "Ineffable") are out there and I am not so they have beaten me already. And as such my post was not supposed to be negative with regards to the crew or the boat. However, my experience with them is (or should I say was) that they aren't the most experienced and have not fully gotten to grips with the boat. I believe the boat and team have got significant potential but in the light (which is much harder, in my opinion) and with limited time racing so far, I expected bigger losses in the lee of St Kitts. So 1) poor use
  10. if it is the same owner and the program isn't too different from stuff like Heineken last year, I'm surprised they're still ahead of the 40-footers...
  11. Boat is being trialled (weather permitting) at the moment in/near Ipswich/Harwich. More here: https://spirityachts.com/sailing-yachts/the-superyacht/spirit-111/?fbclid=IwAR17tK6qvEh24e36abjLJ6MqDCQ2fPVAUYtO-ve5Zr-512JPgVZ0qznimJY And from pictures I've seen, the interior renderings are pretty much spot-on representations of real-life. Rig arrived at yard in September:
  12. She is classed as a "sail assisted motor vessel" so heel angle very much limited and engines are to be kept running. Running natural frequency calcs is pretty standard for these type of rigs, but the "boom-less" situation of the video might not have been considered as everything still had a budget and timeline. And there is always the discussion about the stiffness of the boat, which impacts the frequency as will the way the boat is secured whilst in winter storage.
  13. A boat! Looks like Maxi72 Vesper (ex-MOMO, JV-design)
  14. 4 or 5 built, owner of Wally 80 & Cento had 2 to do training of crew and self as helm. Not sure they raced much (would be handicap fleet in St Tropez or that area) but have won every now and again. Let me look... Found a blurb on it: not sure about the pricing though...
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