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  1. For us, in the Needles Channel and for the first couple hours after, the wind was 27-32. gusts to 35, lulls to 22/24. Breezy and a bit bumpy, but not crazy.
  2. Les Sables - Horta start this weekend with 25 boats. Despite skipping the stopover in Horta, it looks like another great race for the Class. 2540 nm. https://www.lessables-horta40.com/liste-des-inscrits/
  3. I had one taken at Heathrow early Spring 2020. fortunately was able to use a mail it back to yourself service, but I still didn't have it for my trip.
  4. Normandy Channel Race start this Sunday (the 30th). 5 scows (#158-162), 3 Mach 3s, 1 Lift among a really strong field of 24 class 40s. Especially among the scows, it promises to be another good street brawl as it has been called in the past. And, this time the plan is to have a TS5 cat follow the fleet and send back live or up-to-date media coverage. https://normandy-race.com/en/
  5. Structural furling forestays with lashed J1s are common in Class 40 though some boats are going back to hanks and a halyard. I believe that the advantages of the structural furling vs traditional furling are weight and perhaps some simplicity. Not being able to lower the sail from the deck is, of course, the obvious disadvantage. The structural cables also have a shorter life vs a rod forestay and traditional furling (e.g. 2-3 years with a potential for a renewal with an inspection for the cable).
  6. The entry lists are filling out for the TJV. 34 class 40s listed so far and more are in process. The first 40 are guaranteed spots in the main basin. The first entry deadline was 31 March, with the next tier/cutoff in mid July. Some background on the teams is also provided on the French site: https://www.transatjacquesvabre.org/fr/actualites. It could be a record event.
  7. An initial entry list for the Transat Jacques Vabre is posted: https://www.transatjacquesvabre.org/fr/skippers/class40
  8. In looking at boats, it is worth keeping in mind the recent rule changes regarding the cockpit door (in effect now), new minimum weight (in transition phase now), and increased buoyancy of 3m^2 to 5m^2 (in full force at year end 2021 though tied in with the min weight transition). In the range of RC3, Pogo S3, I might also consider a Mach2 (if one were available) or 157 (if in the same range) though individual boat details could sway a decision one way or another. How to modify a door and where to put the additional buoyancy might not be a simple task.
  9. hard to tell what it would really look like in the cockpit (though there are some other drawings online), but during the last two days of the Normandy Channel Race last fall we were really wishing for that extra protection. The drawings do suggest that they might still allow pretty good visibility. The Mach 4s made pretty good progress in this direction already. The Mach 3 cockpit is like a waterfall in some conditions.
  10. We did the same thing - mounted on that half bulkhead with a coiled up hose that can reach all the way into the V-Berth. Discharge connected with Y-Valve. No issues for BDA and similar inspections. Heron #34
  11. Normandy Channel Race. 1,000 miles double-handed racing level with 25+ other class 40s. And the fact that it has big coastal sections makes it tougher and more interesting. It is much more physically and mentally challenging than any Bermuda race I've done. 30 May 2021
  12. For the most recent indication of how they are doing: the newest generation boats were 1, 2, 3 in the Normandy Channel Race. Mach 4, Raison, Mach 4. Our 3 has a hint of this trend (compared to the Mach 2, for example), but the Mach 4s are really a big step.
  13. A nice recap/reflection on the race: https://mailchi.mp/8edde7cd6e93/the-low-down-on-the-normandy-channel-race-2020-commitment-is-the-world?e=%5BUNIQID%5D Press release No.11 – NORMANDY CHANNEL RACE 2020 – 28 September 2020 THE LOW-DOWN ON THE N
  14. A huge credit goes to FFvoile and Sirius for keeping this event together and moving forward. That must have been a huge challenge, but they pulled it off.
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