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  1. What (fabric?) is inside the mainsail cradle? Easy to see in top pic and not visible in bottom pic with boom exposed. Something to reduce chafe/ease drying? Maybe it is just mesh bag material like phifertex?
  2. Watched this crowd funded circus anchored in Ecuador for a couple months. No surprise the catamaran fell apart on passage - it was falling apart at anchor. Pretty regular two AM cussing out of crew by captain over dramas with sinking dinghy, rig repairs (do you need to be stoned to work up your rig at anchor in the middle of the night?), and video recording/editing dramas. Really difficult to believe that enough people regularly watch these cruising "experts" to pay for them to continue to blunder along. Also amazed that real companies donate expensive equipment and expect returns from increas
  3. You fit a hang glider in Jzerro? Surely not for crossing the Pacific... What else was essential adventure equipment?
  4. Sea of Cortez, east side of the Baja peninsula.
  5. I can't resist posting another pic as this heart evolves. This event has everything the ACup lacks for attracting people to our sport.
  6. All the top flight shorthanded boats have lazy jacks with capture flap systems that get left mostly free during racing. Sure, probably not as fast but makes it possible to reef/unreef quickly with those huge full batten mains. If you build them from dyneems with soft shackles and low friction rings they can be adjusted easily by hand so they don't flop around much at all. We've got 20,000 miles on our home built version with no issues and my wife and 15 yr old daughter can deal with our main with a 50 foot hoist by themselves in those middle of the night watches... eas
  7. Maybe the new heli/cat cam boys can eventually learn to stay on one side of the pitch instead of flying circles around the boats. Basic rule of sports coverage - teams go left to right and right to left so the audience has a clue what they are looking at. This camera team just wanders about looking for beauty shots. Pretty but mostly meaningless for who is ahead and behind.This makes the top center graphic essential to have any idea which way the boats are headed.
  8. No glass over the original fillet? Light but doesn't look like it was up to the load from a good whack.
  9. We did it. Daughter cemented her multi language skills and gained more than a year on her peers academically. Skipped "middle school" entirely. For me the most amusing thing was returning to people sitting at their desks saying exactly the same things as two years ago that didn't even ask about the trip... just launched into the stack of papers that were waiting for my return. I guess nothing happened back at home while we had thousands of amazing experiences that will be with us forever.
  10. The systems used for live graphics integration into the broadcast in SFO (and before that) were very expensive implementations of people + state of the art custom hardware and software - not intended to make a profit as standalone entities. They became highly valued differentiators for the "event" because they could be sold to sponsors. Here we are, years later with people having made promises to "do the same things" for a less money, without the expensive full custom systems (to avoid IP issues) where things are manually controlled (boundaries) and supposed to align
  11. If you mean the wing above the water: the wing angle of attack is controlled by a flap on the tail foil. The wing is free spinning through 360 degrees so it can feather into the wind coming from any direction if the drone needs to "park." The arm running through the wing is weighted for balance of the wing around the vertical axis of rotation. It can also support sensors far upwind of the wing leading edge.
  12. I like the tiny yellow storm jib? inside the Code? reacher. No idea what to call these things only looking at the bottom 1/6 of the sails.
  13. By gen 1 do you mean the original unit with outriggers?
  14. Not sure I believe that. They are worth lots of $. Also, the coasties in Hawaii had a 3 month test going with 4 units for security patrols. There are videos and reports on saildrone.com
  15. One of the smaller model already circumnavigated Antarctica (NZ to NZ). Two others flipped and broke the wingsails, but were recovered after limping to port in South Africa and an antarctic research base. The big model has real time remote control, multiple cameras and shore based pilots 24/7. Normal Tri-color nav lights.
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