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  1. Seawind 1190 Sport, so just under 40’. 2 kites, one reacher, one runner. The runner is only used fully crewed while racing. We launch and take down the same as you would on a Corsair. The reacher is in an ATN sock. Runner gets used until about 17 true then we’ll go to the reacher, regardless of the angle.
  2. You have to have auxiliary power onboard at all times for safety purposes in the event of an emergency.
  3. They certainly learned a lot, they hadn’t raced ever before!
  4. There’s a gunboat in a setup like this in Miami?
  5. Still sitting in the Dania cutoff canal as of a few weeks ago.
  6. We will be racing on our seawind 1190 sport. Just haven’t signed up yet. We’re also doing the Nassau race next week and wirth Munroe.
  7. Sarasota bay multihull regatta is March 5-7. Would love to see her there! Ft lauderdale to key west would also be a great race for the boat and a chance to match her up against a MOD70.
  8. Martin - when you guys had it going Saturday you were seriously moving! Can’t wait to see what the boat is like fully dialed in.
  9. What they did here is actually the way Ian suggested doing things. Once the rig is no longer a factor, fold both hulls, flood one side, pull on the other and up she comes.
  10. I did it in sarasota bay in 18kts with gusts higher, just got hit at the wrong time the wrong way. Still won the class at the regatta though.
  11. You set up a bridal forward and aft. Hook it to a powerful tow vessel. Pull the boat into the wind/seas stern first as fast as you can and the sterns will dig in causing the boat to flip back over.
  12. Having done this myself in a mkII. If the water is shallow enough and the bottom soft enough the boat will not go turtle.
  13. Having been on this boat, the fly bridge is a great spot. The visibility is amazing, all the controls are lead there, and you don’t have to deal with anything going into the saloon. It’s definetly not an all out racer, but for the owner it’s the perfect setup.
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