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  1. Excellent story, thanks for sharing that.
  2. Prime example. Gingers are pure fuckin' evil. Nice to look at though.
  3. I like the look of the wave piercing hulls vs. the earlier cats. I hope it helps with the motion and the ride. I like lots of things from an aesthetic standpoint but I don't necessarily want to own them.
  4. Woot! I picked up the Dyer gunwale kit yesterday. It *barely* fit in my car. I was thinking that if I pressure wash it, I may be able to reuse my current cloth rail cover. It has no tears or anything.
  5. Damn you. I can't understand why I clicked on that. Look, they seem like perfectly nice people who are out there enjoying themselves. I don't need to see it.
  6. @accnick Cool, thanks. The seats are not out of the boat. I don't see a need to remove them. The firehose covering was installed using ordinary wood screws, which I feel was a Bad Idea. The dinghy was typically stored upside down. The varnish wore away on the small amount of exposed wood on the underside, water wept into the screwholes and rot was the inevitable result. I like the idea of copper tacks or Money staples. I'm not really going at this the right way. The boat could also use a paint job but I just don't have time for that right now and I really want the Dyer for my tr
  7. Not sure what you mean by "fendering." The kit is a total of 5 pieces. They are pre-steam bent. I only need to clamp them in position. I have a considerable quantity of TotalBoat penetrating epoxy. What is your opinion on using that to seal the wood? Can I varnish on top of the epoxy? Another alternative: The original rail has the "firehose" canvas covering over it. Instead of worrying about varnish, I could epoxy the rail and install a new cover over it.
  8. @LicketysMom That's attractive. Lots of solar power. Looks speedy.
  9. My Dyer gunwale rail kit has shipped and should be at the BWI airport. It had to be shipped air freight due to the size. I have no idea how to pick up freight from a cargo terminal at the airport and the BWI webpage is less than helpful. I'm going to try calling airport information lines later this morning but if anyone has an idea of how a private citizen retrieves freight from a cargo terminal, I'm all ears. According to the nice woman at the Anchorage, the kit comes with bronze rivets, instructions and anything else I'll need. She says I could do the job in a weekend.
  10. "Fender bunny." My boat definitely wouldn't slam against the dock with her laying against the hull.
  11. There are many of us nearby who are friends. We will check on her and help look after her if anything is needed. She's no dummy though, she can take care of herself.
  12. As the OP can see, we're not very good at offering discouragement. We love spending other people's money. Blisters can be dealt with. You can do a complete hull and barrier coat job on it or you can play "Dr. Pimple Popper" and just fill and fair them as they arise. The real question is: Can you afford dockage and maintenance for it after you've purchased it? If so, then why not?
  13. It is with great sadness that I report 8 bells for Innocent Bystander. IB was a skilled sailor and an incredible human being. He raced in venues around the globe, served his nation faithfully and with honor. He was a gentle, moderate soul but neither did he suffer fools gladly. He was a cherished mentor to me in sailing and life in general and he also graciously officiated my wedding. He contributed much to my sailing and boat knowledge and to these forums with experience and good humor. I am damned grateful to have known him.
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