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  1. I know that we have some real coffee snobs here for whom the beans must be perfectly roasted mere moments before brewing. I'm talking about in more survival type or long-term, budget cruising situations. Also, I'm a Navy guy. Our coffee was absolutely the worst, nastiest, most industrial shit water I have ever tasted, even brewed moments after the can was opened. For me, almost anything is an improvement. I have a vacuum storage can on the boat that keeps my coffee acceptable (to me) for months.
  2. According to my manuals, WOT should be 2800 RPM. Interesting. @kevinjones16 I appreciate any info I can get. Unfortunately, I doubt this is my problem. The vibration is a new problem that only started this summer and it's intermittent. So far, everything that everyone has suggested would result in a constant vibration. Something down in the engine space is moving/shifting/rotating between a tightness where the vibration stops and loosening again to allow the vibration. I'm at the point where I need to be in the engine space, under power with a hooman at the wheel. It could be someth
  3. Thank you for not quoting the troll. The US Navy has had a run of poor development programs lately and the DDGX is one of them, unfortunately. Several useful technologies have come out of the program but as mentioned, the ammunition for the guns ended up being prohibitively expensive so the vessels are essentially "neutered." They will serve as development platforms for other weapons technologies as they are developed. The whole class will end up being only 3 vessels. The US Navy pursued an actual laser weapon for a time that enjoyed limited success. They were forced to abandon it b
  4. @Borax Johnson Frankly, I think you're asking a lot when you set the bar at "years" of storage. A year, two years tops is a more reasonable bar unless you're storing military MRE's or Mountain House freeze-dried hiking/survival food. First, heat is the enemy even of "long shelf life food." If the boat is in an area that experiences hot summers, you should deduct some shelf life accordingly. Eat some of this stuff and rotate your stock on a regular basis. Second, cans are good, glass is better. @bmiller is quite right that even canned soup degrades over time. I experienced this first
  5. The problem is completely the same from one cutless bearing to another. It could be the shaft or strut except that the problem is intermittent. A failure of the shaft or strut would most likely be constant.
  6. It does seem to be only when in gear. I haven't yet tried this in the slip, taking a strain against the lines.
  7. I've tried 2 folding props and one fixed prop. Behavior is exactly the same. I should extend the shaft about an inch but its position has never changed and I've never had this problem until recently. It's a 3-cylinder diesel. It always has some vibration at certain RPMs before it smooths out, in or out of gear. I aligned the shaft on the hard. Alignment was perfect. I also have a Sigma Drive CV joint which allows for a total of 6 degrees of articulation. I will perform a test with backstay tension and report back. I haven't tried that.
  8. Oh- I was able to put the boat on autopilot and feel around the engine and mounts itself during a period of loud vibration. The engine feels quite smooth. I'm pretty sure the problem is further down the drive line.
  9. We're a long way from SINS. When I left, the US was implementing RLGN- Ring laser gyro-navigation. That was 20 years ago.
  10. Update on the vibration troubleshooting: I pulled the doghouse off to perform a more detailed inspection of the motor mounts. I brought a prybar and a wood block to test them. I shined a flashlight in the darkest corner and found that the top nut of the most hidden mount had backed off completely! The nut had vibrated halfway up the stud! "Eureka!" I said. I tightened it back down with blue Loktite this time. I pry-checked all 3 motor mounts and found them to be in good condition. I took the boat out for a test drive and... you won't believe this. Tightening the motor mount had
  11. Ah, ok. I'll bet you're careful not to let your keys poke out of your pocket, though.
  12. How do you get into that kayak without accidentally punching through the skin?
  13. Ajax

    Up in Smoke

    Well, in the game of "what blew up on the boat" the latest update is: Good news: The new remote mic for the VHF did the trick. I was concerned that the mic was fine and the circuitry for the remote was burned out in the radio itself. Bad news: The propane sniffer was also destroyed. I just ordered a replacement. I *think* that's the last electrical item. The CO detector appears to be fine. Also- I discovered that I actually did enabled the "high voltage" alarm on the chart plotter. The plotter never alarmed. The threshold is 18 volts. Apparently the voltage never got quite that
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