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  1. I'm finally day sailing on a regular basis. I post this here, because these are the shake downs before I head north in July.
  2. We have one where I live. A friend owns it. It's an amazing boat. The owner still mops up with it on the race course regularly.
  3. Some have gone away, and then there are those that should go away, but refuse to.
  4. @Kris Cringle "Few hours?" The dinghy will ride on the foredeck from Annapolis to the northern end of the CCC or possibly until Rockland, ME. Once I've arrived, of course it will be towed behind. I will try to bring the Dyer but I think I will abstain from bringing the sailing rig for it. I'll have enough crap on board. I will bring the oars and the trolling motor. The limiting factor for bringing the Dyer is whether or not the gunwale rail kit arrives in time and whether or not I am competent enough to install it before the trip. I've been hoarding vacation like a mo-fo. I have ov
  5. @accnick my boat is just shy of 34' so a RIB is just too big, even with davits. I love the Dyer as my Chesapeake dinghy, no problems with stability.
  6. A Dyer Dhow 9ft hard dinghy that rows like a dream and a rigid transom inflatable that stows much more easily but rows like crap. I will not take a petrol outboard but I will take a 35lb thrust trolling motor with a lithium battery.
  7. Edit: Really lastly, since I'll be visiting the Land of Crunchy Shores and Lobster Pots, I just ordered 2 pints of Total Boat underwater repair epoxy putty and tubes of West 6-10.
  8. All of my cruising guides are loaded onto the boat. I have installed the Mastervolt charger for the AGM batteries. I have shuffled all of my infrequently used spares and extra safety equipment into the aft most locker in the quarter berth. This has freed up a large locker on the port side for canned and dry goods storage. As a paranoid submariner, I just couldn't bring myself to bury my tools in that aft locker. I want immediate access to the tools so they still live in the smaller locker above the new canned goods locker. I have new jacklines and I have an excellent jackline layout
  9. Let's not discuss it further. It upsets people. I was there, it was cool. Nuff said.
  10. I've visited the north pole. It was alien and unworldly, you definitely had this sense that "you don't belong here."
  11. I was a voracious reader. I nearly bankrupt my parents as they tried to keep me supplied as a child. Nowadays I mostly read technical manuals and specifications and some history.
  12. Ok, this might be crazy but if you're only going to Maine for a month, how about this? https://anodeshack.com/zinc-salca-micro-limited-line-cutter-anode?attribute_pa_shaft-size=1&gclid=CjwKCAjw6fCCBhBNEiwAem5SO_H-PihZSIkD0DnQusTsPmhAix55Q9T95Nd6K_SX-UHOZgfU7up4choC0fwQAvD_BwE
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