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  1. That's a very good point, and at the same time, those boats we used to love look so painfully slow right now. I have the impression that there would be an impossible trade-off between the ability to follow what's happening on the boat, the quality of the manoeuvres, the cohesion of the team in an environment that can talk to any sailor on the one hand, and the speed, the show and the wow effect on the other. As much as I would love to see more than a third of the crew doing something other than injecting energy into the system, I find the AC in 2021 infinitely more spectacular... Though
  2. I found the release of the document by ACE minutes before the press conference absolutely despicable, and the attacks on the COR extremely violent. Of course the respect of the rules goes, in this particular case, to LR's advantage (light weather planned for the weekend, less catch-up time for Ineos, and more preparation time for them before facing the defender, if it had to be so), but in any case, one cannot be accused of a lack of sportsmanship because one wishes to respect these rules, which took months to be established, and for which situations related to COVID cannot have been excl
  3. Thanks for your answer, but you didn't really explain why you enjoy it. For instance, you could socialise with other people having the same interests as you. Why sailing and regattas specifically ?
  4. Greetings, I work in the academic world in Paris, and would be very grateful if you would share with me, as part of the pilot of an upcoming study along the Cercle de la Voile de Paris, on why you love sailing and regattas. Why do you compete in regattas? What do you think is a successful regatta, regardless of your ranking? What is a prestigious regatta? What would an ideal regatta look like, again, regardless of your ranking? Does racing sailboats contribute to the Common Good, or should it? Thank you very much for your insights!
  5. That's too bad, Steve, it would have made a lot of sense. I figure you also talked to the museum of yachting in Newport ?
  6. The idea of a museum seems excellent to me, indeed, knowing the complexity of care and maintenance of these boats. An amateur, even an enlightened one, would quickly be unable to maintain the boats in a good racing condition (at least the wing, the idea of finding a classic rigging is an interesting one), and it would be a loss for all. What about the Herreshoff museum in Rhode Island ?
  7. Thank you so much for your answers, Steve, Multihuler and Desert Wings. Let's hope that, like the phoenix, the class will be reborn from its ashes soon. For my part, I still have to find a clever way to perhaps succeed in financing such a boat. It would be such a blast! Cheers, PJ
  8. Still no news from the C Class front? Are some of the boats still for sale? Thanks!
  9. Thanks a lot for those pictures and videos, guys :) Hopefully, that could help revive somehow that beloved class !
  10. Any news from the canadian Rafale team? Weren't they suppose to make some big announcement this spring after the miami foiling week?
  11. Another couple of questions not related to the previous one: -would it make sense to allow the use of a gennaker for downwind? -Should that happen, what about having 3 crew instead of 2?
  12. I was not refering to Larry Ellison and his team, per se, but to their vision of what the AC could have become. And I obviously didn't want to make you uncomfortable about that. I'm sorry if I did. The hypothesis of a luxury type of event would offer a huge tradeoff between the perpetuation of the class and the initial spirit that would certainly be missing. Since I've always been an avid but distant spectator, I suppose I could cope with the later for the sake of keeping the class alive, but not without a twinge anyway. I fear that with the always increasing expenses related to high
  13. My question was not very specific, sorry about that. I was asking about the things related to high end boat construction, so about materials and tools. Not all related stuff (transport, fuel, etc) which I'm much more knowledgeable about (as your example on rare-resource extensive solar and wind energy, or the export of pollution in developing countries...). Again, thanks for your answer. I'm definitely not saying we should ban pretro products, that would make absolutely no sense. I like the idea of addressing individually each need and looking for substitutes, though. I know there m
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