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  1. Does sailing for beer make you a pro, or just a drunk with resultant limited cognitive abilities? Seeing as I’m not into either guns or bibles, not sure what your point is about that line.
  2. Where did I say I was a pro sailor? Go ahead, find where I said that. We’re waiting... what I said was that I wasn’t new to pro sailing. Lots of roles I could play without being paid to sail. I feel sorry for your family, having to live with someone who makes conclusions with no facts, and has to be mean, angry and bitter in every post. It’s never too late to change. Consider therapy.
  3. Are you bragging or complaining? Just because you know who he is doesn’t make him any less of an asshole. And I mean no offense to assholes.
  4. Actually I think the vast majority of people here are interesting and have something of value to offer. LB is of a very small percentage that make this place less enjoyable. He’s a particularly nasty cunt.
  5. Actually, I’m not new to professional sailing. I know the difference between a pro and wanna be. Apparently you don’t.
  6. A true professional does not have an alter ego that delights in taking pleasure by tearing people down and being a truly caustic asshole.
  7. It’s posts like this that give you less than zero credibility. You simply are not funny. This place would be better off if you got permanently flicked. You add nothing of value. I feel sorry for your family.
  8. Eagles, Tina Turner, Steely Dan at Irvine Bowl, always ended up with seats generally about 10 rows back, in the center. I miss that place. CSN, exact middle of the 1st row. I had six tickets, brought a friend and his smoking hot girl friend. Even in the mid nineties, those three guys were basically playing to my friends gf all night long. It was hysterical to watch them play rock star to the hilt for a chick. I’ve seen plenty of stadium shows, ELP, Doobies, Stones, Yes and too many others to recall, all of them at their peak, but nothing compares to Pink Floyd at the Rose Bowl in ‘94
  9. Probably just about zero. He was a very smart, savvy guy. Very successful.
  10. I’m not sure what everyone is bitching about. Big improvement overall, loads way faster.
  11. So let me get this straight, Ehman is rebroadcasting the live feed via zoom. Is that correct? If so, he’s a fucking asshole. He knows damn well rebroadcasting is illegal. He’s probably too small a fish for Dalton to bother with, and Dalton probably doesn’t want to dignify his existence with something legal. Not sure why NBC wouldn’t come down on him like a ton of bricks though. To think he used to be a direct report to Larry, and now the best he can do is illegally rebroadcasting a race via zoom. Sad, really. I used to think highly of him.
  12. Clever, funny, excellent editing.
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