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  1. Wasn’t there one called Perfect Stranger?
  2. Because of this thread I just bought some stuff from West Coast. They exceeded my expectations in every respect. They delivered faster than they said they would.
  3. The company running everything is owned by the son of Peter Ubberoth, of the ‘84 Olympics business/sponsorship fame.
  4. Funny thing, no one mentions West Marine. Their (bad) reputation is well earned. For me, they are a store of last resort - I'll support any of these other places before I even look at West.
  5. sunseeker

    OD 14

    Find Peter Johnstone on FB, he was the guy behind that boat.
  6. It’s funny, I hate wine snobs, but I love gin snobs!
  7. Harbor 20 https://www.harbor20.org/about-the-class/the-harbor-20/
  8. I just tried Fever Tree tonic for the first time. Meh. Not sure what the big deal is, though the packaging is cool. I’ll stick with Schweppes.
  9. Newport Beach is for the most part unaffordable. $50/ft/month is some places.
  10. The figawi is an interesting, fun day sail. Hardly an ocean race.
  11. If you go a friends house and they have some grocery store brand diet tonic, are they really a friend?
  12. Premier ocean race in the US is Transpac.
  13. Why didn’t they just postpone the start until Sat morning?
  14. Thanks, Dawn must really want to break a bunch of her boats.
  15. Are you serious about this?
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