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  1. Can you imagine being the players on Oklahoma or ND? They have to be seriously pissed. Leaving for another job is one thing, but right before bowl season??? Seriously WTF?
  2. Probably true. But one thing this boat isn’t going to do is attract hot females.
  3. Two tiny houses connected by a porch/sun room might save a bunch of relationships.
  4. Go fuck yourself. You are one of the biggest pieces of shit on this site.
  5. Seriously? Dalton’s motivation is not a three peat. It’s just money. He’ll be taking his percentage of all funds raised off the top, then a percentage of all the ancillary businesses wherever he can. I’d guess he’s going to own, or at least share in the ownership of this company that’s going to build his hydrogen powered tenders. He’s probably looking to take another $20 million out of this Cup cycle.
  6. They probably assume Luna Rosa won’t go to the effort and expense of running full scale testing now. What’s the burn rate per month? How many people times an average of $500 a day (and that’s probably light), plus operating costs. And if they do, then Dalton will just change something to negate any advantage they might have gained.
  7. Oh please. If Dalton is respecting the deed so much, then why is he requiring one design parts? What of constructed in country? Start there, the list is longer. You know what Kiwi respected the Deed more than anyone. Michael Fay. He just didn’t fully understand it and built the wrong boat.
  8. Now that it’s Thanksgiving Day, we in the US get to proclaim the things for which we are thankful. I have an unbelievable amount for which I am thankful. Healthy family, bright, accomplished, generous children, awesome friends, prosperity and the ability to participate in this, and other, sports where there is a true sense of community. One guilty pleasure is seeing the reaction from the nasty Kiwis on this site who are blinded by their collective insecurity, resulting in weakness and greed. I know plenty of Kiwis, and the way that 4skin, BitterMan, and I’mSoUglyEvenSheepBARF is in no way
  9. The only reason RNZYS is the representative of NZL is because RNZYS won't let another team from inside NZL compete for the right to be the defender. Challengers can have as many teams from a country as the market will bear. Remember in '87 when the US had six challengers?
  10. Remember when people used to wear 40+ pounds of wet sweatshirts? That worked too. Wasn't a very smart idea then either.
  11. I know multiple people who have sustained nerve damage from gut hiking. It is an utterly idiotic way to sail. The funny part is the fact semi pro sailors think they are so fucking cool to be paid to sail, and yet the vast majority of them have to self torture for most of the race to get paid. Nice work, if you are willing to abuse yourself for a couple of hundred dollars a day. And people wonder why the sport is on life support.
  12. Yet more quality programming from the Lawrence Welk of sailing media (sorry, no purple sarcasm font). Media interviewing media is just a wankfest.
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