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  1. Is that your Fauci on the right? I’m glad you can find humor from the disinformation which is killing thousands of people. Healthcare workers are hamstrung by interrupting patients’ last gasping phone call to intubate them, knowing they could’ve avoided their inevitable death. We are exhausted by Americans putting their politics and tribalism over the safety of their neighbors and making our jobs once again a threat to our health, sanity, and livelihood. ERs are overcrowded; MIs, strokes, surgical emergencies are getting slower treatment, so all patients are sufferin
  2. I can’t read it without thinking Trump fans feel entitled to special privilege. White privilege.
  3. Bad day at the Darwin proving grounds. Several codes, three for the same patient (never a good clinical indicator). Several young and middle aged adults on vents, I’ve heard they are significantly more common in an ICU a bit to the south. No, they aren’t vaxxed, except for the extreme elderly and cancer/dialysis patients. PACUs in the region have become ICUs, elective surgeries are grinding to a halt. One hospital closed, extra service lines are closed. ERs are full, strokes and heart attacks are taking longer to receive care and patients are catching COVID in crowded areas. Ho
  4. I wonder what @The_Joker or slug have to say about GOP leaders in seven states signing fraudulent documents bearing their states’ official seals in an attempt to send a different set of electors votes to Washington which directly contradict the will of the people? Would they find it criminal? Problematic? A nothingburger? An amusing prank? When faced with outright election fraud, do they actually give a shit?
  5. If it was just one employee of the government changing a minor election I might agree with that law being used. But this was well over 90 signatories in seven states trying to subvert the election of our nation’s president. I think the prizes are bigger for that sort of seditious conspiracy.
  6. I’m very interested in the documents sent by GOP leaders in seven states to the National Archives purporting to be the certified slate of electors from their states. Numerous false statements and inappropriate use of the State’s Seal make these forgeries evidence of an attempt to overthrow our government. These were the states whose electors Pence was supposed to reject, kicking the results of the 2020 back to the state legislators. It would seem to me that of the 16 GOP signers in Michigan, the 20 in PA or the many, many others who signed these fraudulent documents, a few might
  7. AP News August 4, 2021 CLAIM: California is mailing out ballots for the recall election because of the delta variant. AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The California Legislature passed a bill in February 2021, months before the delta variant surge, requiring that mail-in ballots be sent to all registered voters ahead of an election. THE FACTS: On Sept. 14, California will hold a recall election that could remove first-term Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, from office. The recall vote is occurring after officials certified that 1.7 million valid petition signatures were turned in to qualify
  8. It was done as part of pandemic-related efforts to minimize exposure of voters and poll workers to coronovirus. Going forward, as long as there was sufficient efforts to maintain ballot security to satisfy both major political parties, I see no reason why mail in voting cannot work as it already does in many states, Either upon request or automatic. It would, however, drastically increase the burden on the postal service to have accurate addresses for our nation’s citizens and that would need to be adequately funded and carefully administered. I think verbiage in the bills limit
  9. May 8 2020 (CNN). All registered voters in California will receive a mail-in ballot for the upcoming November election, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom announced during his daily pandemic briefing. The state is not moving to mail-only,however, and in-person voting will remain an option.
  10. Congress has the right to adjust regulations for voting Proposed changes would improve voter participation, which would force both parties to adapt. Democrats would need to improve the impact of their legislation over what they claim it would do, and Republicans would have to allow the voices and participation of persons they currently ignore.
  11. Say what you want, Tom. But it's still a law that punishes lawbreakers. Texas wants to punish women who arrive at a very personal medical decision with a doctor. This is a classic case of whataboutism that rings false; you want everything to be comparable to the other side, but it just ain't the same.
  12. Then you should think long and hard about why Democrats are now considering modifying the rule. This isn't contemplated in a vacuum, yet you seem to entirely ignore the role the GOP has had in breaking the ability of the Senate to pass legislation for the public good. You're very loyal to your party, but forget it only exists to serve the nation. Get over your self importance and the issue of the moment. Voting rights, convincing the citizens that their votes will count, is far more important to our nation than a rule governing the Senate's deliberations.
  13. Until he melted… he only managed 9 minutes of the 15 scheduled. Trump didn’t like being confronted by facts & quotes, nor being challenged to give specifics. He did complain his lawyers were weak, he called Mitch a “total loser” and said all the AZ election officials refuting his bogus claims & those commenting on the CyberNinjas finding nothing were RINOs, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.
  14. Ok, the president made an error on March 25th and 26th last year. Thanks for alerting us that the WaPo is keeping an eye on Biden’s truthfulness for their readers. You, on the other hand, inaccurately wrote in the present tense, insinuating that the lies were current and ongoing. I’ll give you two Pinnochios
  15. The case against Cawthorn has to surmount some obstacles, especially since he didn’t go and he didn’t obviously plan. But there’s enough statements I show intent, and the election boards that will pick committee reps to decide if a trial is needed to judge whether cawthorn’s candidacy is unconstitutional are dominated by Democrats. There’s probably discovery & testimony coming.
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