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  1. Agreed, it’s why I wrote “for now.” I was thinking about my recent apologies to Canadian border police while discussing the annoying truckers protest going on while we were crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Couldn’t wait to get back to the US side of the falls. Trumpism has metastasized across the border.
  2. Combined with Citizens United and gerrymandering, FOX is too profitable and powerful to be easily controlled. I wonder, with CPAC now A supplicant to Orban’s authoritarian think tank, if it is too late for America? Starting to be too many things gone wrong to wait for the pendulum swing back. If, despite abortion rights, LGBTQ and voting rights being on the brink Democrats are unable to get out the vote, it might be time to claim states rights and fight for the coasts. We can keep supply lines through Canada, at least for now.
  3. This was his quote that jumped out at me from the 26 year old… ”I can understand the establishment attacking those beliefs, but just digging stuff up from my early 20s to smear me is pathetic.”
  4. What part of committing war crimes on CCTV escapes your attention? What part of invading Ukraine is ok with you? Messing with our elections and pairing statecraft with mafias, killing reporters and political adversaries with polonium and imprisoning people whose contrary views are merely uncomfortable for a dictator makes this regime untrustworthy in the extreme. America has had enuf, with or without your approval. We don't trust Putin, and no matter how much you do, it really doesn't matter.
  5. Why might those speaking for the US take a hard line against Russia n the run-up to the war? Well, perhaps because Russian disinformation has taught us that Russia cannot be trusted to negotiate. Absent trust, negotiations are useless. In the run up to the war, Biden correctly surmised Putin’s plan, broadcast it to the world and to Ukraine. Putin must’ve been enraged and disappointed that we didn’t fall for his lies, didn’t agree to negotiations that were just cover for the start of the invasion. Wasting time and energy on frivolous negotiations when Russia doesn’t even respect
  6. Dancing ain’t a crime, and I don’t think we can do more than try to counter Tucker’s lies and hateful spew. He is an entertainer. Not a journalist. Not a politician. He is required no allegiance to the truth, and has extreme latitude to express disgusting and anti-social opinions, no matter how much they enrage supporters and opponents alike. God bless America
  7. For what, exactly? Crimes requiring imprisonment are fairly specific. Which laws has he broken? Are you saying some ideas are so dangerous the mere mention of them is a crime?
  8. If this is about “understanding” the underlying issues which contributed to the invasion is your goal then don’t use the word “provoked” without cause. “Provoked” infers that a response would not have occurred except due to a mistake or error of judgement by the Ukranians or the west. Using the word infers that provocation is the source of the conflict. For example, Ukraine was provoked into embracing western technology and support by having their sovereignty imperiled by Russia’s poorly disguised 2013 invasion of the Donbas region and instigating conflict by aiding separatists with
  9. I’ve heard the hair-splitting that the US provoked/caused Russia to invade Ukraine and I’m not impressed. Taking a stance counter to Russia’s goals can be termed a provocation by Russia, but Ukraine is an independent country and should be allowed to determine what is in their best interests. Same goes for the US. Appeasement might have avoided this war, but perhaps not. Acquiescing to Putin’s goals may have prompted him to think he could get away with more military incursions without consequence. He also would have continued to fuck with America and other democratic nation
  10. Cool, but as you’ve recently agreed, a ruble spent on defense in Russia is largely siphoned off by generals and oligarchs. I think you’ve got to work out your own hypocrisy before insulting me. But the facts of the matter is that Ukraine is kicking Russia’s military in the teeth, and the only difference between the countries is western military training, weapons and command/control styles applied to Ukraine for several years. All of these are what the US is buying, overpriced items and all. A lot of those ridiculously overpriced bolts are probably paying for secret programs for
  11. You’re being lazy by using name calling without justification to try to win arguments. See what I did there? I criticized you while pointing out your error. Please, when you criticize, do them the honor of basing it on something specific you can identify. If you want write AJ is a loon, or I can’t judge for myself what’s going on here, point out the mistakes we are making. Show evidence.. Saying I’m not paying attention or AJs cites are clickbait without a relevant example is weak sauce. I’ve clicked a couple of articles he’s posted, and they are Pat Buchanan or some othe
  12. Actually, I read select threads on the site daily, but prefer posting in strafing runs as opposed to wasting my time with incessant back-and-forth name calling. I try and skip the bullshit, but recently the folks I respect are losing the ability to tolerate different voices and getting too self-assured. I don't trust groups that gang up on a guy who isn't violating thread rules, just posting a different opinion. Let's do better than a Twitter run by Elon, shall we?
  13. Ok, @AJ Oliver, I did a little research on the Azov brigade, and they sound like nasty fuckers. International human rights organizations have identified them as perpetrating attacks against LGBTQ and minorities, especially Jews. The US has, in the past, refused to train them, even after their organization was incorporated into the Ukranian military. The US has MAGA types throughout society, and especially in our armed forces and police. I can no more condemn Ukraine as a country and refuse support to their struggle against Russia than I can tell Alabama to go suck it when flood
  14. The bangs we’ve been watching during this “special exercise” have shown that Russian spending has created a paper tiger, and Javelins and advanced arty systems work. If anything demonstrates the value of NATO and American military spending, it has been the enormous impact six years of western training and equipping has had on the ability of Ukranian armed forces to resist the Russian onslaught. Why do you think Finland and Sweden have decided to join NATO? Its because they disagree with you. Sometimes defense money appears to be well spent.
  15. wtf is up with ad hominem attacks on AJ, especially the ones alleging he's gay? Homophobia paints you as an idiot, and makes the rest of us complicit in your stupidity. And what's the point? His alternative opinion can't hurt anyone. If you can't take someone speaking their mind, go to someplace NOT called Political Anarchy. Seriously, guys. Grow up.
  16. I think it’s become clear that racists are red, shrinking violets are blue True conservatives and Republicans with ethics are RINOs
  17. Would you support him through this process?
  18. May I ask if you would force a woman to carry to term a fetus which has a negligible (define how you will) chance of a normal, healthy life? Is this a decision she can make with her support group (let her define it as she will) or would you prefer a law to define her choice? In other words, would you trust women with their pregnancies?
  19. Gotta wonder if this is more of the "I'm feeling censored" so-called conservatives country-wide are complaining about. I kinda think they are tired of winning by not caring about having good arguments or impressive people as standard bearers for their party. All they have are crisis actors who are embarrassing. So they run off to their safe spaces, which aren't performing well in the online marketplace of ideas and chat sites. If this means they retire from the political space, then maybe the country has a chance to survive. I can take sullen, resentful voters who are di
  20. Fresh pork deep fried egg rolls!! Crispy and awesome wrapped in lettuce with noodles, dipped in fish sauce
  21. NEW: Republican candidate for Michigan Governor, Ryan Kelley, just came out against democracy: “Socialism—it starts with democracy. That’s the ticket for the left. They want to push this idea of democracy, which turns into socialism, which turns into communism in every instance.” No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen
  22. China can support Putin’s bitches. None of my tax $s plz. About time Jinping took a positive step. Ever since they started taking over the GOP, Americans have had to deal with a well-funded **Dogballs** wing. They can sue Trump to get their cash back.
  23. This might be difficult to prosecute, as some of those in the crowds who were chanting “my body, my choice” were his neighbors. Telling people they can’t walk out their front door and say what they like might raise clearly enumerated rights. As it was, the chanting was hardly the threat scare-mongers like right winger Marc Thiessen trying to turn this right of privacy into a federal case of justice’s rights regarding their intent to strip more lowly Americans of their rights to privacy. And the fear of violence erupting near judges is in stark contrast to their having struck dow
  24. All this whining about “the peak is the story” forgets history. The court’s deliberations were leaked not once, but TWICE before regarding Roe v Wade decisions. And the court has always been politically motivated on this issue. First the original decision was (probably) leaked by a liberal judge (Douglas?) who was incensed that Warren Burger was going to delay deliberations until after Nixon was re-confirmed so as to possibly pick another vote, since two SCOTUS seats were available. By the time January rolled around, the decision was formalized and set to announce on the 19th (I
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