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  1. Have NO idea what mess cutting the tank will make??? But whatever the Vegas odds are on this I am take the over, meaning A MESS I am betting! "- Cutting the failed water heater in half with a sawzall down in the lazarette because it will no longer fit through the original exit due to other equipment and exhaust hose in the way." What "other equipment" is in the way? Moving the exhaust hose will be way easier than cutting that bitch in half!
  2. Oh while I am thinking about it somebody posted on the SMSA FB page that they are looking for Tartan 33 owners on the Chesapeake. Check it out.
  3. Looks like this will keep you out of trouble for a while! :) Good Luck! On the plus side it's an inside job so you can run a space heater and stay warm.
  4. LOL, there is one if you have not seen it yet.
  5. So their next chapter is a Land Yacht? Whatever... They obviously never really had a passion for it in the first place. True sailors and fishermen have it in their blood, you can't just walk away. Does not work like that.
  6. Thanks tillerman! Interesting and 'some kind of Eastern Block Laser type boat' seems to be the answer. That window and seam location just aft is MKI standard sail design. Good for her in a full rig in what looks like good breeze. The Cunningham grommet location has been moved so looks like some 'Eastern Block Engineering' is at play with the sail as well.
  7. Yea I saw parts of that thread and the additional pictures but I am trying to stay off the main SA forum. Maybe I'll do a shot or two of rum tonight and venture back just for this investigation! LOL
  8. What rudder? LOL Yea it sure does besides the rudder head with the tube tiller. The boom and Vang setup look Laser ish as well...
  9. Wow you sound depressed Dude. Seriously reading between the lines it sounds like your 'career' is sucking and brining you down. I am depressed just reading your post. It does not have to be sailing but hopefully you are passionate about something. Family, fishing, golf, watching your favorite sports team, whatever it does not matter just something. Well besides 'gamming', your cell phone or social media that is! God Bless
  10. Seriously Dex you had to go there! Now I am offended! LOL I guess actually identifying what type of boat is less fun than debating the Kings of Egypt. So... I'll go figure it out. Figure if I can identify what regatta she is at it should be pretty easy. Boat looks like a Melges 14 but has aluminum spars so has to be something else.
  11. Data point on a centerboard. I ordered a new centerboard from APS back in the Fall of 2017. I want to say it was at boat show time??? APS kept me in the loop with the 'backordered' status and it did finally show up this past Spring. My old board is a little rough but still serviceable so really was not a big deal in this case. I will say it's a really nice board so whoever is making them is doing a nice job. I guess I should replace the old build style rudder at some point as well???
  12. LOL Point taken, probably should not have even said anything in the first place... All "what boat" joking aside I don't think the question of what kind of boat is it has been answered?
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