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  1. It will be glued. I thing wrong with just glue, most performance boats are these days
  2. I’ve spent lots of time racing an 88 and have wondered the same thing. I’ve spent some more time recently racing a Cape 31 that uses a string drop system too and I don’t think it would be a problem on a J88 however… Don’t expect a 3 second drop like you see on a TP. The block wants to go on the forward face of the cockpit structure that makes up the back of the cockpit seat, the line goes through there and then should to a block tied around the mast compression post. Alternatively you can lead the line out the side of the cockpit but some people get funny about the thought of “drillin
  3. It helps to spend as much as you can reasonably afford on the furling cable. They’re great when they work but they can be unreliable. After all there’s a reason why the Imoca 60s and class 40s still use snuffers…
  4. Yep BP getting mugged by SVR. I wonder if the breeze has been on the limit for the boats to foil. We know that SVR is around a ton lighter than BP because of the extra structure in BP’s beams. But anything can still happen with both boats still needing to complete 2 gybes and a course change, both boats have very different cockpit layouts so this will be a major test of who’s cockpits are more efficient.
  5. There could be more of an upset in the Ultime class if Banque Pop and SVR continue to ride that pressure south. If Gitana has to gybe it might not be pretty. Some great racing in the Class 40s, there must be some bragging rights at stake amongst the designers now that Verdier, Manuard, VPLP, Raison and Lombard all have their hats in the ring as well as a few older generation boats in the mix
  6. You’d have to contact a Jeanneau dealer and see if it has a part number on the system
  7. Some very impressive speeds coming from the Class 40 Palanad (E.Leclerc Ville-La-Grand) after they chose to take the western route after falling behind in the horribly light Bay of Biscay. Currently sat on a 404nm day and their 4 hour average is still 2kts higher than their 24 hour average. I wonder if they’ll break the outright record of 428nm set by Ian Lipinski in Credit Mutuel before they enter the calmer winds further ahead.
  8. The Sunfast 3600 has a stainless blade to try and keep weed off the top but for the whole rudder we have a weed stick. A mould was taken from a rudder to make a 2” wide arm in carbon that is lined with seadeck foam, this is bonded to a carbon stick and that’s what we use. Other people have used a bit of stainless rod wrapped in rope core and welded to a boat brush handle. The rod is bent into a curve.
  9. She is getting a Manuard designed sistership to Bureau Valle built by Black Pepper
  10. I get the feeling that most people on this thread dislike the boat, the people who have designed it and the people making it
  11. Pretty sure they use FLIR technology cameras which aren’t cheap. They’ve been in testing for a while and a few boats in the VG used them. Sam Davies had hoped that they could input collision avoidance into the Madintec pilot to actively avoid an obstacle but they ran out of time to test and develop that before the race
  12. I’m quite looking forward to the boat launching. I’d also forgotten about the possibility of a SE version which sounds like it will carry a carbon rig and 2.55m keel from what you say. Will that keel be a lead fin? From my brief experience working with and sailing a 24se I was very impressed with how the interior laid out and finished and wondered if there would be liners for the deck and hull inside. Between me and my friend we specced a 3600 for short handed offshore racing which included a carbon mast, carbon boom, carbon floorboards, carbon washboard, lithium battery, removed the saloon ta
  13. I’d throw a Figaro 2 into the mix as well. Definitely not the comfy option but even detuned they’re still potent downwind
  14. None of the weather models for the race would agree with each other and someone has to be the first boat into the funky zone. Slightly easier to see where to go when your competitor in front shows you where the big wind hole is
  15. Ran currently has the keel, rudder and rig removed. Effectively she stopped the dominos going any further. Another Cape 31 is the other side of her and then it’s the large Swan, that thing toppling over doesn’t even bear thinking about…
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