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  1. Another boat to add to the list of “Cool shit that’s banned from the S2H”
  2. Buy the most expensive furling cable you can afford
  3. Both great boats. I think a basic 3200 is a better boat than a basic 105 however. If I looked down the 105 route I would seriously consider changing the furling headstay for just a hank on setup. I have no idea how complex it would be but I would seriously look at converting the wheel steering to tiller steering, I’ve been told by someone before that it’s not ‘too’ complicated to do. Make sure it’s got the best hull finish you can afford. I’d consider fairing in the prop shaft under the water and I’d make sure there’s a comprehensive reaching and downwind sail inventory. If I was looking to do
  4. JL92S


    The J133 is still a great boat. I suspect the majority of J45s will be cruised more than J133s. Sadly there isn’t really a market for brand new boats like the J133 anymore, especially in Europe. J Composites had to do something to move with the times and that was the J122E and the J112E. It’s nice to see something brand new that sees them trying to continue competing with the likes of X Yachts and Grand Soleil in the luxury performance cruising market although it’s a tough class of boat. My guess is it will still appeal to J Boat owners trading up from smaller boats and stop them moving to som
  5. Not sure on the VMG but a 6.2m draft fixed keel with trim tab and single rudder with water ballast and a flush deck sounds pointy to me. Canting keels don’t really ‘do’ pointing all that well due to the board/foil not having the same amount of lifting surface area as a large fin. Javier Soto Acebal put in an almost crippling amount of design work into that Wally. Both boats are awesome though
  6. 4 screws from the back with the J2 and 5-6 with the J1 but that’s with the inhaulers at the deck edge with the J1 and 2” inside the hand rail with the J2 in 10-12kts
  7. 15kts upwind is great but pretty sure 10 years ago the Soto designed Wally 130 Angel’s Share went upwind at 16…
  8. Isn’t this the same thread as the fast boat with standing headroom? If I remember rightly there were already lots of ideas over there
  9. No pics of our setup but here’s a GA and photo that I scribbled over showing where the foot blocks go
  10. Harken 57mm black magic Footblock mounted on the combing in front of the winch and then across
  11. So the J88 entry in the fastnet surprises me greatly because the J88 doesn’t meet STIX requirements for cat 2 racing, believe me I’ve looked into doing it and it doesn’t work. The only way I see it as possible is if rorc were prepared to make a special exception for this one entry but again I struggle to see that because the crew of Jumunu have probably only sailed their boat 5 times in the last 4 years. The other option is that I know the owner has ordered a brand new Sunfast 3600 which will carry the same name and they entered in case the boat arrives on time. the Jumunu entry is different t
  12. I would include the Muscadet as it’s the ocean going boat for the everyday French people and one of the original mini transat boats. I would add the Figaro 2 to my list purely because of the calibre of ocean racers and solo sailors the fleet has produced. i’d also add the MOD70 because it manages to be one of the fastest sailing boats ever built straight out of the box and originally was built with very little custom deck gear to reduce costs (black magic blocks rather than blocks built from unobtanium for example)
  13. Ahhh fair enough, I saw the photo with the new jib and jumped to conclusions!
  14. Bet it will still fly a hull
  15. If that’s North building the sail to the wrong boltrope then they should know better. Wouldn’t be the first time they’ve not checked and probably guessed
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