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  1. They’re normally more bow up but then again there was a lot of pressure in the video and the YouTube description said something about the wind being over 30kts, looks like the pole could have been a smidge further forwards and clews a bit lower but I think he gets a 10/10 for effort. The French are a bit mad when it comes to sailing on the West coast single handed in far too much wind.
  2. JL92S

    J88 Code 0

    There might be something wrong with the photo attachment!
  3. Yeah I guess. It almost makes me think it could have been a rejected Figaro proposal which has been tweaked and now offered for sale. The Dehler has a whiff of that too although I’ve heard zero evidence to back that up!
  4. I don’t see how the Farr X2 does anything that isn’t already covered by either the Dehler 30, Figaro 3, Sunfast 3300 or Pogo 30 of which there are tons of each sailing in fleets around the world. Between those you’ve got a OD boat with foils that’s completely stripped out and has a good resale value, a slightly less common OD boat with no foils and a bit more interior for less money, a boat that can win races under irc and is damn nearly as fast as the first 2 on the water and there are plenty sailing already and finally you’ve got the boat that is a lightweight fast cruiser for occasional rac
  5. I bet he wished he’d suck that reef in the kite and a reef in the main!
  6. We fitted just dyneema lazy jacks to a 3600 which has a 3di raw mainsail with a bolt rope luff and it transforms handling the mainsail. I had an idea for a lazy type bag that you describe but it is made in mesh and webbing with lazy jacks soft shackled on. When you pack the boat up you disconnect the lazy jacks and throw a boom cover over the whole thing. Our traditional stack packs have a batten in the top (like most stack packs) and you can release the lazy jacks and roll the stackpack up around the batten and clip it in place.
  7. The compact would be my take over the 40s. The Antal winches are nice but good luck getting anything from Antal right now you might be waiting months... it looks like Harken will also do a performa self tailing 20 which is still 1 speed but the plain top is 2 speed?? even the Lewmar 16 is 1 speed Andersen do a 28 2 speed ST looks like the Antal winch is the only one!
  8. I’ve seen a few mouldy 3di polyester sails and one of our jobs is a nordac job and I keep a close eye on it. On the website they appear to have rebranded 3di nordac under 3di ocean instead as a material option.
  9. As much as I’d love to say I was out on that boat, it’s owned by a friend and I wasn’t onboard. It is sailed by James Harayda and round the world veteran Dee Caffari
  10. For those who enjoyed the shiny Gentoo photos...
  11. The 3600s I’m on about are brand new and sat at the factory unsold. If you’re in the market for a new boat there could be a deal to be done with a Jeanneau broker on a boat. @Black Jack I don’t doubt they’re a civilised boat and probably appeals to a different market. There are a couple in Hamble that cruise and occasionally will do a short handed day race from time to time but the 3600s here do some big offshore mileage and some cross oceans. On paper the boats are similar but in reality they’re very different. It’s small things like the through hull fittings for the heads are in a
  12. The GS34 is a pretty boat but the cockpit very exposed and not a single foot chock in sight, lots of smooth grp and Perspex on deck flush hatches etc and a smooth toe rail. The interior has square cornered doors and the ones I have looked around didn’t even have door catches. To me the GS34 is a performance coastal cruiser and the deck layout designed for day sailing and light overnighting. I have raced a SF3600 for a few years which addresses all the things I just listed and the boat ‘just works’. It’s by no means perfected, despite the foot chocks in the cockpit I still feel like the moulded
  13. The J99 is also available with a straight keel for irc too, the straight keels typically get slightly more grip upwind, track at straighter out of tacks and less drag downwind, the downsides are you ultimately lose some stiffness if there is lots of wind. As I understand all of the UK 3300s have water ballast except Gentoo, supposedly there is around 100kg in weight saving by not having it as well as a cost benefit I’m sure. In more recent years boats with straight keels have continued to do well and as such the benefit in rating from having a straight keel has been reduced a little but s
  14. IRC tends to hammer the sail sizes for the uk boats although with the wind we sometimes get there it’s probably no big loss as this picture of Gentoo shows...
  15. JL92S

    J88 Code 0

    Current thoughts are something around 45sqm and some sort of “cable free” type luff. North have been banging the drum on their helix luff code 0s a lot but I’ve also noticed they’re still sticking chunky Marlow anti torsion cables in the luff and not always a fancy Future Fibres cable that stows easily. As for furlers I’m seriously tempted by the new Karver KF0.9 furler, Karver recommend for sails between 50-60sqm. If it was a conventional C0 I’d probably go a size up to a 1.5T furler but without the cable it should be under less load. We’ll probably fit a bobstay anyway
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