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  1. From the Sheriff's Log of the Port Townsend Leader (our local weekly paper): At 9:36 am, June 21, a person with a telescope called dispatchers about a sailboat that was seen south of Marrowstone that was displaying signs of distress: two upside down US flags and a Victor flag. The vessel was described as a blue-and-white, 30 foot long sailboat, with a small black outboard engine, moving slowly to the south, about 2 to 3 miles from the shoreline. The Coast Guard was notified, and a deputy in one of the sheriff's marine units made contact with the vessel. The man at the helm told police he
  2. After seeing several restored Spidsgatters at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival last month, and then reading Kaci Cronkhite's 'Finding Pax,' this ad is especially sad. She looks like someone raised the roof of the cabin to get more headroom - not the most elegant modification.
  3. Here you go - the price is right! Ensign Sailboat - $0
  4. In Re Jones Island: if you tie to the dock for the night, secure your food in the cabin. The raccoons are clever rascals. When we were there several years back they came aboard, unsnapped the canvas companionway cover, came into the cabin across our bed, and started snacking on our provisions. Woke us right up, I'll say!
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