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  1. thank you. He is a great sailor with a big heart. done some amazing things for another friend. Not too many chances to thank him with something personal and meaningful.
  2. Question - are these too bad to give to a freind for his 60th birthday today? i sorta rushed them- him sailing his Santana 22. i usually do a study of several. i skipped a lot of steps because i was out of time. Acrylic on canvas. Crayon.
  3. i figured you were messing around. I kinda like the reuse and patch up crap we can do to just go out. Tyvek tape is awesome though and could be used to patch that rat nest sail. just the attempt to use the sail with tape would be a hoot. i am a little worried when i begin posting my self designed build using old contruction ply pulled from the dumpster, found drift wood from winter storms, cement ballast, old canvas, cotton balls & lint. one time use Tyvek race sails and black sharpie designs may make all the difference to an otherwise odd duck, single use 20 foot ditch runner destin
  4. Tyvek tape over duck tape. Tyvek tape: aggressive adhesive, thinner and lighter, more pliable. hard to work with because of strong adhesive. adhesive seems to attract dirt around the edges after use, which is unsightly, but does not affect performance. 150 feet for 30 dollars at Homey D.
  5. buy a new Simrad 32 or Raymarine 2000 with small lithium 12v battery with a fused installed wire. Separate and complete from other systems. get 3 inexpensive batteries if you are going to sail all week otherwise you just need 2. A simple rolled small solar charger can top off the batteries if you decide you need more offshore. weighs less than the more expensive proposed units and much likely less power consuming. Most importantly - no large holes in cockpit, little installation time and rapid setup. adding a powerful expensive unit when you aren't proposing a sail across the ocean is an un
  6. She said, "If you would just stop talking about boats maybe I would want to..." It turns out talk about motorcycles with opposed twin engines is also not stimulating her libido.
  7. Each and every designer needs to come from an oppressed minority from the county that the boat represents. each boat shall carry not less than 2 openly disclosed homosexuals living with HIV, 1 post op trans, 2 pre ops trans currently recieving hormone treatments and a pregant underserved female chosen at random by national lottery. Furthermore - the skipper must have an agressive terminal disease and the tactician must be legally blind with a service dog. oh yeah, no electronics or storage powered technology will be allowed due to the electronic radiation concerns.
  8. I had one like this. I will again. It is with great character, not fast but the best one to love to ride around bike I ever rode. After all, it is always about what you saw, who you met and how felt on the ride (and not how badly you scarred yourself or had that near miss).... and for those who complain that it only has drum brakes, they maybe riding the wrong bike.
  9. High depending on the pass. Stelvio most likely will be closed by then. There are some epic passes that will remain open. Nothing like riding in those passes as the snow begins to fall. not uncommon to snow in the height of summer and with road work at its peak. 70 and sunny to white out and 30 in 2 miles.
  10. Damn. I have brand new spectra sails that would fit that boat. Far cheaper to buy that one than ship/sail mine there.
  11. Crazy is more than one boat over 24 feet. A boat that can not take you to interesting places, to meet new friends and to share adventures is just a waste of resources and a comment of one's personal creativity and zest for life. It is far better to be a good person with great friends with boats in other intersting places sharing the love of going by water. Challenging and supplimenting them to take on your proposed cruise - your water world opens up X fold for little investment but time. As for a shoal draft I would think 2.5 to 4 foot draft would be good. being able to run onto the shore
  12. What boat are you gonna take up into the French canals? I would go with a 28' shoal draft, mellow diesel inboard, deck stepped mast, a nice comfortable cabin with a simple galley that sleeps four and composting head and then put on a good dodger. The money you save means you dont have to sleep on the boat every day when you get to day cruise destinations and towns. (BTW - Parking your boat in the center of Paris is truly epic.) life is short, better to cruise in a beautiful place, tie up or drop anchor and thank your lucky stars that you were given the oppurnitinty to be able to make it there
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