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  1. Mikes Hunt's crew, certified bush mechanics, needs only posties. Anything two wheels over 50hp might be a waste in most of SEA.
  2. You are projecting now. I only bring up cost and ability to compete because it does matter to those who run the things and well as to those who want to feel they get their full value and get social respect do from the expensive toys they sail. Big yachts and big yacht racing have a deep tradition steeped in this shit. I have a belief system that is based on what I have seen and known and the communities that I visit. You do not know me but I assure you that i have seen it on both coasts, in Europe and have family who have participated in yacht racing since the begining of the NYYC. Your persp
  3. I look at the classes, who is participating and what boats they use. As far as i understand it, smaller, slower, older boats do not compete because the classes for them are elimiated or discourged from entry as they have no place nor do they draw attention to those who want to see other spend good money on their sport. Nobody who feels they are someone special who drops several hundreds of thousands on a race sled wants to race a thrashed boat from craigslist with borrowed and used 15 year old sails and hard latex bottom. Race promotion from exclusve yacht clubs and asking hefty entry fees in
  4. She is a keeper. a new white dress would let her dance for a good while. That is the kind of boat we hope we will return to if we are lucky. Make sure she is ready when you are.
  5. Nicks picked up the words from edge of Seventeen from comments of Petty's first wife. I am still so sad he is gone. He created the sound track for many of us. Here is Cash and Petty.
  6. Not much of "a cruising class" in the lot. few boats under 33 feet regardless of class. the small PHRF classic class is indicative of the direction.
  7. there is no shame in taking action. Just don't let your buddys know.
  8. Pardon the miscommunications. You should be proud of what you do and what it takes. Bravo. I think we all want the same thing. The more people who are exposed to this, can with ability and desire to do this segment of sailing the better. I do hope we can sail with and against each other in the future. I know you could likely feel the same. Heres to bringing many new faces to sailing. Hope you and yours continue having a great sailing summer. Ted
  9. To be honest you can not do the 1-2 in two weeks. This year the race started on June 4 with the return start on June 17. One had to have their boat inspected on June 2 with other manatory things starting in late may. Most finished the race around 140 hours after june 17th start. The party at the end was June 26. That sounds closer to a month than to 2 weeks.
  10. Bob my point was more pointed to women entering the sport of short handed racing which is dominated by men who tend to be older with time and money. it takes a huge time commitmentment when people have active lives and so many choices. Sorry that our sport is in decline and fewer folks are getting out there. I pointed out that many here are going short handed or solo as routine rather than ask others to sail. We do leave expereinced friends and new to sailing people on the shore who could go sailing with us but do not take them. I am guilty of it myself. I will point out in the SSS in zoom m
  11. I will point out there is basic requirement skill test as proof of actually sailing distance singlehandedly as called for by the race instructions. I am sure you met the qualification as required. Not every male or female who has the ability to sail this has that recent experience on a quality race boat capable of doing that distance at speed. Taking the time to show up at the mandatory attendance classes with mostly dudes with dwindling testosterone, know all salts and getting check off certifications adds other layer to qualify. Moreover each one of those boats you pointed out is so dising
  12. Firstly - to those who did compete congradulations! Bringing up sex and equality is pretty silly in this context. This race is about affluence and time over access and ability. Too many people including women of means and free time have much better things to do. Those who would have the skill but need to continue with life, family, careers and debts could/would be foolish and selfish to race in total the 1-2. Seriously, who besides the nicely retired and ones of comfort and leasure can toss a month plus away plus expenses to do a race that has no purse, prize, profit or significant self p
  13. Before there was IMP and Improbable, there was Lively Lady, a winning boat that not only help usher in the era of lighter displacment boats but actually changed boat design. From Gary Mull, her owners and terrific crew who made some of the best american sailors of the generation; the ones they still tell stories about and inspired so many others to follow. still racing today...
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