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  1. It would be far better to have all boats chosen by open random lottery shortly before the race. No one should know what boat they will get until the lottery handout. No trading boats after the issue. All boats should be deemed equal value. No free or in trade work to make them ready. Sails and similar materials should come from the same sail maker. For the record the 24 hour race of lemons is full of cheaters. rather than call them out they are overlooked because everyone likes to see cool rigs, fast shit and clever design. We all love a good visible break down in front of a crowd. Poor,
  2. Go buy this wonderful boat if you want her. Keep the registration for the state of Washington or where ever works for you. Go get a slip in Sausalito, Richmond or Alameda. Sail the crap out it during winter in the Bay. Head south in 160 days when the weather window is perfect for a great coastal cruise ride. Show up in LA, Dana Point or San Diego where ever you want to land stating you sailed from Washington. life is short. I know lots of people play games. Delayed gratification is overrated. You could get hit by a bus or catch CovId omega in which case your wife gets the boat, sells it
  3. There is the rub as you point out. The number 2 is really hard to sheet tightly and as quickly as smaller jib is when double handing. If the boats are kept close to original design - the spreaders, strouds and life lines more often block the tighter sheet angles that would be ideal. I have been playing with moving the jib cars when flying the 2 forward a notch and getting a fuller sail with some noticeable performance differences that suggesting fuller maybe better when caught in a boxed wind range of less than 14 when trying to climb uphill. These ladies aren't not going to be able to point
  4. This is a very reasonable approach on classic 1970s IORish mast head boats. The #2 jib works well short handed on my half tonner with more lead than most. I use the blade when I am sailing by myself or when it is over 16kts. mainsheet controls, vang and sail foil shape will give you the right amount of heel for waterline once you get it dialed in.
  5. Classic self centered internet troll response. Everything on line should be free because it is easily available. This thread is remarkably telling of the fine line that a forum role runs and the community it serves and the costs that takes to associated with a quality internet media hosting site. yeah, like i said it is like a bus route. we both understand that with no riders there is no route. I am little disappointed that someone with nearly 16,000 posts would think so little of the folks whose lively hood depends on the profits and loses of this site, pay the server bills, add and mo
  6. reading marking people It is more guerrilla marketing from the get go. They known it and perpetrate it a few times. you can defend it as much as you want. I like SA and would like them to be profitable. It costs them money to host your opinions and thoughts. Do you really think all this paid for from love of sailing and great sailing mind contrubtions like yourself. I am certain the sponsors of this section of the forum would love to have free ad space, glowing reviews of there vessels and write ups with links to facebook. They for the most part don't. Dude i love po
  7. Congratulations on your first post. This boat has more pimps that Johns. I again ask they buy an ad rather than this free run around they have been attempting to do since the beginning of this design.
  8. That boat in Lake Garda or Como would be an excellent choice. The Contessa and I would enjoy a good summer sail on one away from the maid, gardener and the cook at the villa. I would have the cushions in the cabin just in case the rain comes, we need to get out of wet things and brew some hot tea below. The blue hull does match the pill so that might help.
  9. Is this guy or his shills ever going to buy an ad for this unattractive boat.
  10. sewn and latex painted canvas boot works nicely. (The paint covers the flaws of hand stitching) Not expensive. lasts for years. If done nicely can look extremely yachty. Also take a look at your mast and consider covering the egress voids with mast color matching UV resistant tape. replace as needed.
  11. something fun to consider. What ever happened to the Nacra 36 molds? Are they still in Newport Beach?
  12. It was for a purpose for me. I wanted to be able to park it in the city and take it to school. I discovered I liked riding all day for several days in a row. I would have never guessed that was going to become so important. I now love adventure riding. Motels and hotels nearly every night but with back up tent and bag just in case. The last motorcycle I bought was about where I wanted to ride and who I wanted to ride with.
  13. how do you feel about going to Tasmania? https://www.boatsales.com.au/boats/details/1970-woollacott-ketch-34/OAG-AD-14265018/?Cr=7 not connected. Nice boat though.
  14. Hydrogen peroxide works well in a 50/50 solution. I add a little diluted Murphy mint soap. A soft sponge wettened wipe down those moldy parts as well as clean the threads, blood stains and dirty bits. Set in sun for an hour. Lightly rinse off with sprinkler head hose head . Let dry. the Murphy’s soap scent will smell good as it sits in the bag. Will be nearly as good as a commercial cleaner. if you do this anticipating a long non sail period - you will not have mold when you open the bag in 3, 6 months or even a year.
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