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  1. the inaudible bit he says'something like. "its the most insulting thing that could ever happen"
  2. Hi erdb, Firstly great posts here. I modified your sketch to show what i think this is what notsofast is talking about. The sum of the forces will act through the point at which their lines intersect. So the resultant force will not necessarily act through the centre of the foil as in your original sketch.
  3. Right and they can mechcanical control the sail top so why not have seperate cunninghams to control draft independently in skins and have more control of overall wing shape? Running backstays dont go to the mast top
  4. Right, yeah that makes sense. So essentally it controls the bend of the mast which effects sail shape rather than affecting the sail directly.
  5. Yeah i can see that it could screw the shape a bit. Maybe differential system with a single ram and on adjustable offset. Just thinking of the possisbilites to create a flattter inner skin and deeper outer skin. Sure the design teams would have thought about it but wonder why they decided agaisnt it.
  6. With the cunnighham problem on ineos i was surprised that everyone is talking about a single cunnigham. Assuming this means that there is one ram for both sails. I would have thought that there could be some advantage to controling each skin independently as with the outhauls. Anyone know if this is restricted by the rule?
  7. Is it not just a matter of time. My take on it is that a boat needs to be fully bedded in before being able to complete a jules verne lap (macif and Gabart being the exception that proves the rule). This is a race for seasoned old in the tooth ocean yachts.
  8. Jimmy and Francesco (?) comments here are telling. Two people with eyes on the course and who know something about getting these things around a course. Both would have taken the right gate. Maybe seeing americans on its side has had an influence but still they seem genuine in what they say.
  9. Looks to me as though they will be going full throttle for coming days. Currently 35knots and dont look like slowing for the ext 4 days. Cant imagine what it must be like for them on board. The whole teams preparation, experience and ability has created a lot of luck for them this far! Lets hope it continues.
  10. Can anyone extrapolate how quickly they are falling from the bird the flies past the stern?
  11. Yeah maybe you are right. I reckon would be a good move to be able to do though, especailly if we are going to be having close racing. They do the rounding and tack at the bottom mark which is similar, guess they have a bit more boat speed to be able to pull it off. Has anyone been practising maneuvres that could be described as a dummy/double tack?
  12. Increases buckling limit of the walls when under compression.
  13. Surely this was a joke, just a bit of a laugh. Why so serious?
  14. Could be though I center of mass is also stipulated in the rule. So they have 50 cm to play with in fore and aft position. Could be important for balance/trim. I had a look for a minimum weight but seems what with the foiling we now have maximum weights. I couldnt see a minimum weight anywhere. so i guess they are building to maximum weight for max righting moment. I guess having less weight at the extremties of the boat also effects the inertial properties. Wether or not that has any serious effect idk.
  15. Its easier to add laminte and strengthen a boat than it is to take layers away. Also I think the natur of these boats is that they will all be scrapped post AC. You dont see many AC72's sailing around these days do you. I agree they have probably pushed it a bit to far in too many areas causing them excessive downtime. But, if they can learn from these failures and boat two has all these items beefed up to overcome the the failures they have seen then maybe it could just be that edge needed to win. Maybe.
  16. You could look at it that they are finding the limit on many items. It is essentially a test boat after all.
  17. Ah sorry. Should remember to read to the bottom before posting replies.
  18. http://library.sailyachtresearch.org/tech-resources/library-advanced-search/libraryAdvancedSearch?layout=result_search&text_search=&keyword=&title=&author=&publication=33&location=&start_year=&end_year=2017&id_library=&type=&ordering=&limit=5
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