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  1. Thanks for thinking of me, but I was just looking at my piles of MM magazines with similar thoughts to your own. I have the issues you mention, so no thank you. But thanks for thinking of us.
  2. What's the best way to contact you? I'm bill@gibbsvineyards.com
  3. No disagreement with most of the comments here. Dumping sheets is always a solution, even in the zone of death. I've researched a lot of capsizes, and being unable/unprepared to do so is a common thread. Afterburner's capsize was with the previous owner. In my 15 years with her, my scary events had similar causes, sudden stops followed by rudder overpowered roundups leading to lateral capsize risk. We had winches with unused self-tailers, no cleats. We handheld sheets all the time on the winch, which wasn't a hardship for racing. At the tiller I held the main sheet in my forward hand, j
  4. Da Woody is right, it isn't fair to Cougars. But after all, not every sailor is looking for a Cougar. After a year of Covid, a lot of boaters are looking to get out on the water. We should have over 100 boats on the N2E course alone. Sitting at 117 total for all 3 courses today, with plenty of time left to enter.
  5. Covid restrictions are easing, people are getting vaccinated, and evidently some people still want to go sailing. The 73rd N2E IYR event is up to 111 entries today with a bit over 2 weeks to go for entries, and another week with late fee. 87 are going to Ensenada, 21 to San Diego, and 3 to Dana Point. We picked up 20 entries in the last week alone. No, these are not the glory days of SoCal sailboat racing, but coming out of a pandemic, they aren't half bad numbers either. We've even got a dozen multi's going. ULDBs are in their own group, as are the CRUZ classes with motoring. We c
  6. I think Sailing Anarchy needs a GCOTW [Gyrocopter Chick Of The Week]
  7. Hi Billy Bob, long time. Afterburner (52x30) had a single 20 hp in a center pod. Motored at 7.5 knots in flat water no headwind. Maneuverability was ok as long as you have flow over the rudders. But she ventilated terribly going into waves. Bows pitched, trough passed under motor, and you listened to the rev limiter, on every wave. Didn't take very big waves to cause this. We tried the longest shafts to little avail. We day dreamed about a floating sled, hull side pods, or in hull placement. Anything to keep the prop in the water. Good luck with your project.
  8. Yes, probably 2016 until she left this year for NZ
  9. Well since you asked, Afterburner isn't all that miserable at sea. 6' headroom in the hulls, 4' wide taper down to a narrow sole. A forward berth pretty unusable at sea due to pitching. An aft berth that was favored. We'd sleep 6 (full race crew), 1 in the aft berth, then 2 on the cabin floor, single file. Same in both hulls. Sleeping bag pads on port, sails on strb. Narrow enough you didn't get thrown around. Wet sails were a bummer, but spin bags were soft. Single burner and sink on strb. We boiled water for freeze dried, which was quite good. It was wet out on the fishnet. The c
  10. The boom, mainsail, and bowsprit are missing in the picture. Looks like Cyclone preparation.
  11. Afterburner is a 52' x 30' Tennant racing sail catamaran I raced in California from 2001 to 2015. She was sold a couple times before the current owner decided to sail her to New Zealand this year. I heard she arrived Fiji with a broken beam, just as a Cyclone hit in April. Anyone know what has happened to her since?
  12. The complete answer is lengthy. Isn't there an Aussie authority that puts out Safety Equipment Regulations (SERs)? You can look at the US Sailing SERs, breaking down into Near Shore, Coastal, and Offshore races. In the US they are the minimum to race, and also seem like beyond the max to some people. I just bought new harness pfds with strobes & whistles. Added AIS beacons, man overboard is a risk. My Schionning GF1400 has AIS which is comforting on night transits in shipping lanes. Added a LifeSling and a John Buoy MOB module.
  13. Steve, We'd take anyone, even you (probably). The requirement is for you to belong to an SCYA affiliated organization. Fo non-YC types, there are sailing clubs. I used to belong to the Ventura Sailing Club for $50/year. I think Sailing Anarchy had such a club, though I don't know it's current status. These clubs typically have no facilities and exist for this one reason. We did have some sailors show up. I posted a report on the ORCA mailing list, which you are welcome to join if you have an interest in multihull racing in SoCal. You can join at https://groups.io/g/ORCA-Ra
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