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  1. Looks like they are running their engine the whole time!
  2. Almost looks like a Tartan 43
  3. Sure looked like the ship turned directly into the sailboat. That just looked strange.
  4. I would be more worried about what would happen if you had a knockdown with the glass hatch. It could easily flood the cabin and sink the boat.
  5. As someone who was around during the 1970's, I am shocked not to see Doug Peterson's Ganbare not on this list (unless I missed it).
  6. Looks like the hull of a C&C 61 and the Deck of a Morgan 55
  7. Isn't one of her rigs at the bottom of Lake Huron?
  8. The worst sailing movie of all time was All is Lost!!
  9. What a beautiful boat. Not bad for a boat designed back in the 1960's
  10. JEA


    Probably would have made a better candle for My Song
  11. JEA


    Pretty impressive cradle it was sitting in!
  12. Me too. It was cheating. I like the press conference where they stated there would be no rules for the last race.
  13. Lucky everyone came through safe!
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