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  1. No #25 in the race results
  2. JEA


    Didn't the original owner die in a tragic plane accident?
  3. thought the 3300 was a sprit boat and that it didn't have a Spinnaker pole.
  4. Don't think this is a complete list. We had a death in the Mills Race on Lake Erie off a J29. The person was a very good sailor too.
  5. its a pain to deal with. It does lock up the computer
  6. I thought bananas on a boat is bad luck!
  7. I think the real issue for Japan is that no one will come watch the games. They would lose a lot of visitors and revenues.
  8. Whaleback were to welcome the waves onto the boat but would run off quickly. Lower target for the waves.
  9. JEA


    The aluminum one looks like it was welding by children, it looked bad. Not a good boat for light air Lake Erie.
  10. JEA


    Funny you said it was inevitable. There was an aluminum version of Improbable on Lake Erie for a while. It was called Inevitable. Black hull and a cream deck. Wasn't around long. I wonder what happened to it.
  11. Tartan 10 were not built to be an offshore boat but people raced them pretty hard
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