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  1. vandercraft v3000, which is (was?) the light version of the laser3000, which was the revamped version of the Laser 2 (same hull shape, but with skiff rig and layout) don't think many around though, but I seriously considered buying one to sail with childrens (before finding out you can do that with a 29er too ;-) ) http://www.vandercraft.co.uk/vandercraft-3000/index.html
  2. I would have to check (can't do that now, boat is away for winter), but my recollection is that I have a much "flatter" schackle there (ie pin is shorter), therefore no rubbing between the pin and the mast. As I never changed them, either they came stock on the (very) old boats like mine, or the previous owner made the mod. Your solution is elegant, but as warned above I would worry also about the electorlyse between the alu tube and the ss pin => I had done something similar to fix the wing extension "XX rig" style to the gunwales, and a few years later impossible to remove the bolt fro
  3. hello I am the happy owner (since now 16 years, it does not make me younger...) of hull #487, same mast step & plug set-up as yours. I have the same play between the plug and the mast, and have never seen the benefit of eliminating it: when you put tension on the rig, the mast pushes down on the heel plug and "closes" the gap. When you release the forestay tension (unrigging the boat) the mast leans backwards and the gap reopens. I even find it beneficial, when riggin / unriggin the mast, as it gives a little degree of freedom to the mast to pivot in either direction without forcing
  4. BTW, are any of the rigs (carbon mast + square top main) that were used for testing still lying around somewhere? I am not talking about the XX rigs, but rather the "std" 29er rigs. Wouldn't mind playing around with one (just for fun, not racing)
  5. Will definitely try! Thanks for the video
  6. Have been looking at a smart solution to take up the tail end of the main sheet on the 29er, especially when soloing, but never found a set up with enough "range" in the shock cord take up. Obviously your set up seem to work for you, but seems at first counterintuitive: looks like the elastic will pull more when the pole is out, whereas I would need it more when going upwind (as the main is in and the tail end of the sheet is longer). Am I missing something? I would almost be inclined to try to rig it in the opposite way (run through a block on the bow and then reverse to the rear end of the p
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