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  1. This just in from the International Etchells Class Association of Australia: Information about the Etchells Mould 11 Today, I want to update you on the history and status of the now famous Mould 11, which is owned by the Australian Etchells Association, and is presently licensed to Pacesetter Yachts for it to build Etchells in Australia. When Phil Smidmore took over the building of Etchells, in 1995, he began producing boats from the same mould that had been built by Bashford in 1992. The Bashford mould was the 9th Etchells mould. Like Mould 8 (used by Ontario Yachts) a
  2. 'King Billy' is certainly built from King Billy pine and the aroma below is intoxicating. A King design, her 40 foot length matches exactly the size of the boatshed in Sailors Bay, Middle Harbour (Sydney) where she was built for the current owner, a mate. Well sailed, Phil!
  3. A bit late for volunteers: http://media.prod.cyca.s3.amazonaws.com/media/3440626/rshyr19-quest-v-envy.pdf Hearing started half an hour ago.
  4. Looking at this track of Billy Sykes' Wots Next from yesterday. Could that have been a MOB? Or another shark on the rudder that had to be cleared?
  5. 19 boats in the Cape Raoul logjam. It's going to be a long day.
  6. From the official website: The following protest will be held at the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania on Sunday 29 December 2019 at 1500 hours 75th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 1. Quest v Envy Scooters That's in 5 hours time.
  7. Quest is stuck in a hole. Speed has been below 3 knots for the last 20 minutes.
  8. Maserati and Ichi Ban have got the jump on the trio of TP52s Quest, Envy and Gweilo. They and Maverick 49 are down to just a few knots SOG.
  9. The shark said: 'I'm really, really disappointed and I've never been so upset with a result in my life´╗┐'
  10. The best part of the advert is the link in the last line to this article by Jonathan Russo: https://observer.com/2017/10/why-a-12-meter-yacht-is-your-perfect-starter-boat/ At least he can spell Lexcen. I can confirm that KA5 is on a mooring on Pittwater - just south of Scotland Island. I can see her from my front deck now. Glistening, beckoning.....
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