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  1. 3 hours ago, glass said:

    That is exactly what we have been doing for the last three days; stepped the mast, launched the boat, and delivered to the harbor. 2GM Yanmar diesel runs smooth and it is quiet. At 3000 rpm boat speed in flat water was 7kts.

    I am impressed with build quality and am looking forward to sailing the boat. It is good to be alive !

    Did you get one with the factory Sprit you were seeking and did it need the Speed Shop treatment?

  2. I would say that j/100 sales are still strong even with J/9 model taking orders. A 2005 j100 with sprit just sold for 100k in RI.  Quite a few people joined the owners group on FB but would encourage anyone else with one to sign up.  My guess is most are being used for day sailing and local fleet racing. It would be nice to gather up enough interest from J100 owners to have a presence at a future national regatta. Not necessarily to have their own start but at least a few boats on the line. But I guess if a boats as pleasant to sail as the J100, even your local harbor or venue is plenty fun enough. 

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  3. Update on J9 from local dealer. 30 sold so far...

    Good afternoon,   Attached is an update on the J9.   Hull #1 is scheduled to be launched in Newport towards the end of the month.   We are scheduling sea trials for early May in Newport. 

    Around 30 hulls have been ordered to date, and that isbefore anyone has even sailed or seen one.....that's the power of the J boat brand!
    I have ordered hull # 6, #14, and# 21.  Hull# 14 is going to Naples and Hull # 21 is going to Sarasota.  Hull # 6 is first coming to Sag Harbor and if not sold here will be going to Florida in the fall.     Hull # 6 might be the only boat available for the summer 2021.
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  4. 11 hours ago, Black Jack said:


    It isn't that much really. It is a matter of perspective. Both you and I are caught up in nation where middle and upper midle class do not really apply to most working folks. There are lots of retiring and new middle class folks (those who make the easy 225k plus yearly) buying crappy 150k campers made in the USA. The new RV van boom is off the charts and they run the same price as a new 28 to 30 foot sailboat. We do remember those boats from 40 to 50 years ago where doctors, dentists, lawyers, heavy hitting sales people and upper middle management would buy them from the yearly boat shows or order one up to be ready to race in the spring. Most regular folks at the time then had the pick in the turnover of wooded racer cruisers, homemade boats, or bought J24s and moore 24s on credit if we wanted to race on our own. The glory days of the IOR was about some rich dudes who bought a hot new sled  or semi custom race boats and went on spending spree with a crew happy to drink and eat off thier owners midlife crisis. 

    You are right about one thing, we know we are lucky to have those folks who did so we have something now that is a bit faded and needs work that brings us back to that special youthful boating place we felt decades ago. 140k for a new boat is too much of a stretch for me. My boats cost me less than 5 percent of that. I won't take the gun against a new boat in any big race i'll be doing. I am content with just being out there waiting for the J9 to become a 25k boat in 15 years. If I hype it enough there might be enough of them out there when that comes around.

    While I agree with your thoughts above Black Jack, I think the ever growing demand (based on people’s realization that is all they have time for) for purpose built daysailers like the J/9 will always surpass the supply produced and the chances of finding them at $25k 15 years from now (barring some big economic meltdown) is unlikely.  Try finding an 2000s era Alerion 28, J/100, Morris 29, Harbor 25 for 50K or less. Now drop down to the 20-22ft size and options are plentiful, Harbor 20, Capri 22, Tartan, J 70, J22. I think J boats knows their target demographic well enough now and has designed the right size boat to meet it as best possible while still keeping with the J boats ethos. Look forward to seeing the end product. 


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  5. 47 minutes ago, captnjoe said:

    My guess is there weren't enough boats sold to warrant it. 

    I know when I was waiting for my J/100 to be built; I scoured the web for any reference to a J100.  I still search occasionally.

    I’ve follow J100’s results occasionally:  Early on Bad Girl/Good Girl and Dr. Laura’s J/100 (she owned a lot of J boats).  Lately, I’ve been following the two J/100s who race in the Annapolis Wednesday night series. 

    It’s funny:  There are two J/100s at our Yacht club and we usually fight over 1st and 2nd each week.  Down in Annapolis the J/100s are usually last and second to last.  I guess the size of the pond matters.

    Bottom line I’d love to see a J/100 forum or owners group also.

    Done..!! Officially a J/100 Sailboat Owners Group On Facebook.  Feel free to join/share/ promote the j/100. 


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  6. I have not been able to find a owners group or association for the J/100 either online or facebook.  Perhaps that was because of the lack of one design following but I think it would be nice to have access to a network of other owners and be able to share details of rigging/sails/optimizations that others have done with their boats.  How do the owners groups start for the other classes? and any J/100 sailors here willing to start one... i imagine it would only help preserve resale values of this truly classic J boat design.

  7. 2 hours ago, Quickstep192 said:

    I joined SA just in time to find this thread. 

    I too am looking for a 30ish foot daysailer, but I’d want to trade cabin space for a bigger cockpit. I’d like to have a wheel so I wouldn’t have to rearrange a cockpit full of lubbers every time I tack. 

    The J/95 seems to check all my boxes, but there are relatively few out there and they’re not terribly inexpensive. 

    Can anyone talk me into or out of a J/95 or recommend an alternative? 

    Buy a J/100 and add a wheel. Problem solved. Best of both worlds. Shouldn’t cost but about 5k or less to do conversion. Will open up your options

  8. 15 hours ago, European Bloke said:

    Borrowing money to buy an old boat? That's an interesting concept.

    It works for some... buy it at the right right price with boat loan... factor in boat sales skyrocketing and becoming a sellers market and u can actually make a profit after 5 years of ownership (minus your annual costs of use of course). Ask me how I know... : ) 

  9. 11 hours ago, sailman said:

    You can single point it.  Depending on the bolt spacing you may have to have a plate made but a single lift point is not a problem.  You may have to come through the cabin top with an access port.

    I would love to see what others have done to creat single point hoist setup for the j/100. As I mentioned J boats “officially” could not advise on a system but were able to give me Center of gravity location. Would nice if someone had pics or drawings of single point hoist setup.

  10. They can’t access from the little door under the sink? If not, I would just cut out the valve from the wall and mount the new one on a piece of starboard or thin fiberglass sheet(gelcoat white) bigger than original cutout and screw it (the new valve) back on with some finishing washers and screws to make it look Stock. Will be easier to access if it breaks again and no structural compromise. 

  11. 27 minutes ago, BobJ said:

    That brings a different meaning to the thread title!

    I dry-sailed my J/92 for awhile using a single-point lift.  Rod J or Alan calculated the balance point for me, and I was able to lift it from the aft two keel bolts.  It was a lighter and shorter boat than the J/100 but a bit taller, and that was the challenge.  If the hoist was two-blocked the keel bulb would just clear the trailer.  I had access to a three-ton hoist but you'd need more.  So you'd have some research to do.

    That J/95 in the top photo looks like the right boat for your situation.

    The only problem is prices of the J/95 is still a high compared to the j/100 and considering my J/100 is paid off I don’t really want to get into boat payments.

    I looked into getting a shoal Keel for the j/100 but no longer available from Mars. Another j/100 in st Pete Area has shoal version and seemed much more manageable.  Mars offered their torpedo bulb option but don’t want to ruin original j/100 keel trying it. Florida problems i guess.... 



  12. In an effort to salvage this thread and bring it back on course, does anyone have any other suggestions/ideas for being able to drysail the J/100? 

    I am facing problem of finding a slip (very long wait list) in the Tampa Area and am giving serious consideration to keeping it closer to where I live which would likely require either keeping on boat lift or finding dry stack marina willingness to launch in fashion shown in pics.  I have not gotten approval from J boats to convert to single point hoist. If all efforts fail I will likely but the boat up for sale and get something shoal draft and keep in my slip. Would love to hear how others have handled the situation. Ultimately, the J/100 is a great boat for the money and don’t think any other design could match it at the moment (besides possibly the new J/9) but that shall be seen...



  13. On 11/6/2020 at 10:42 AM, glass said:

    Looking for a J/100 that may be available for sale.

    What hull color are u looking for?. About to Awlgrip mine and depending on how business is going. I might put it up for sale.

    2007 on a trailer with the Sprit. Located Tampa FL. New Set will of North Sails. 

  14. Found this gem for exploring the Tampa waters until the J/100 is ready to go.  Designed with Sailors in mind and built by Dickerson Yachts in MD.  Cruise at 12 kts with Perkins 120hp. Shallow draft enough to back in close to sandbars. 





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