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  1. Defender sells end fittings
  2. ajak if you need any tools or a ride somewhere Monday I can probably help
  3. I always bring a few tennis balls put a slit in them and put on the sticks on the lobster pot buoys stops the tapping at night when anchored
  4. I have 2 599/600 cars and a 610 car if your interested but I won't be back home for 2-3 weeks
  5. Isn't that a little over .013" so way over
  6. I don't think that there selling the m2 if you click on any of the m2 to buy there out of stock .I think they stopped selling them for a design change
  7. I have one of those pioneer reel to reel in my basement
  8. If you look up green pin fishing bow shackle they have a flush pin shackle 16 mm pin is the smallest they have . I don't like ss shackles for anchors
  9. Blue crab I made 2 flats platforms for birds to nest on with cameras about 12 inches away got to watch Robin's make nest. They raised 2 sets of chicks on them fun to watch. Wife was very upset when a crow came and took 2 of the eggs
  10. Lakeville ma. Plenty of them here I put out feeders early end of april.one bird made a nest about 30 feet from the deck had 2 baby birds
  11. I have 4 hummingbird feeders they are a amazing bird .. I go through at least a liter a day of food . I started feeding them the beginning of may so far 12 lb of sugar!
  12. You could haul it out and bring it Brownell boat storage it's a do it yourself storage yard and hire whoever you want to do the work and a self storage place to for your stuff
  13. Anyone try the drsails quick curing adhesive
  14. There is a key in the shaft for the bronze gear also there should be a plastic washer on each side of the gear you have to lineup the slot in the washer to get it by the key just on the wheel side .there are roller bearing in the housing
  15. That looks like a edson 335 pedestal was there a pin through the shaft and gear that is what holds it together some times there is corrosion that holds it.edson has a exploded view of it and a rebuild kit for it https://youtu.be/ziPLzfNCXXg
  16. If your dog eat something it shouldn't have put a spoon of hydrogen peroxide in its mouth hold mouth closed with your hands until it's swallowed and in 5 to 10 minutes every thing will come back out (do it out side)
  17. I would have used x-pando on the threads expands as it sets good for I think 1200 reg
  18. Maarten what's up with the double turnbuckles that's a lot of adjustment
  19. I have had the excel 5 on my boat for two years now so far has set every time and has not dragged it fits my bow roller much better and and does not bring up anywhere as much muck as my supreme does
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