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  1. Hmmm, that's actually not horrible money-wise if you consider getting your own boat ready, but they shipping it, etc. Too bad I don't have time in September, not to mention there's no way they'll an old guy on a team. Greg
  2. Phew, this is a pretty negative thread now and not sure why. I've known 6 people who have done it and definitely not well to do and most are not retired, or only recently so. Indeed, most did the work themselves (e.g., Ryley) because they are working stiffs, but with a dream. So, let's stop this crap and talk about how did you do it/afford it/learn to do it, and in the process be more inclusive. Cheers, Greg
  3. BJ - that's pretty harsh for a boat you have never sailed on; "lightly built" doesn't describe the Andrews 28 at all. Indeed, Ivan overbuilt them, which didn't help him stay in business in the 2008-2010 recession. She does great in steep chop in a breeze, which when it blows in the Chesapeake Bay are best described as square waves. The CB is very shallow and the chop is much much worse than that in SF Bay. FYI, I sailed for over 20 years in SF Bay and have sailed on an Antrim 27 (aka Ultimate 27) with Jim. So, I know this boat too. They are apples and oranges. You may not like the freeboard an
  4. He's right. Mine used to be in Connecticut so I know it fits. Here's a funny video of us doublehanding her in a fun race against fully crewed Melges 32, etc., we took 3rd: Trouble is finding one for sale out of the four in existence. Cheers, Greg
  5. ATN. Simple, well tested, reasonable price, and Etienne designed it for 50 footers. I'd still go with a top-down for the A3/5. Cheers, Greg
  6. Don't get hung up on the west coast situation, you'll get transferred again back here before you know it! In the meantime, let's do the Pac Cup next year doublehanded on Barcanova; I'm not going on any major expeditions for another 2 years. Robert had great advice and as a former Mini owner, he knows what it's like to have one in the US. And based on my direct observations, I agree the Fig 3 sucks in light air, way too much wetted surface. Not an issue in the Bay of Biscaye, but relevant for the US. Cheers, Greg
  7. In response to the comments about Oceanside, I have only a four words that work for all their "well-designed" harbors in California - Army Corps of Engineers. Gulp. My $0.02 US, Greg
  8. If Lloyd is too busy, then Peter Eaves (HYC member). Cheers, Greg
  9. Nice Elliott 770 for sale in the Classifieds. Not mine, but used to be - I put her together and successfully raced a lot. Cheers, Greg
  10. Wow, I'm impressed! Will use it when we sail on other boats, or if our nav goes down (shit happens). Merci beaucoup, Greg
  11. With respect to the Euro vs. US 3300, and it's PHRF rating, the US model has a much larger fixed sprit, I'd guess about 1.5x longer. And yes, the main's foot is much longer but I'm also wondering if the carbon rig is a bit taller. As far as the J-99 compared to the 3300, I haven't sailed either, but at the Naptown boat show, we were totally underwhelmed by the design, finish, and equipment on the J-99...yawn. My $0.02 US worth, Greg
  12. I don't think they've got us more senior citizens in mind for the Olympic qualification, but could be a fun race. Looking at the Oakcliff one in Oyster Bay/Long Island Sound in July too. Cheers, Greg
  13. 66 for W/L, 54 for point to points on the Chesapeake Bay. Greg
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