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  1. Yeah @LB 15 prove the guy who edits his posts and lies about it said something
  2. I’m cool with torching the place if he won’t leave. End of an era, rebuild it better.
  3. Hey bullshitters how’s Penghazi going? 1-19 in the bullshit suits so far
  4. Not only did Taiwan and South Korea not kill people, their economies did comparatively well.
  5. Requiring the submission of a ballot doesn’t require someone vote for anyone.
  6. If there’s one person here that has a sanctimonious act, it’s you buttplug57
  7. Oh look, here’s dog jumping in to defend rambling inaccurate grievance. He’s not wrong though, if you want some idiot making up shit to cater to Republicans Alito is your guy.
  8. They had their first diagnosed case the same time as the US - January 20. Since then Taiwan has had 597 cases and 7 deaths. The US has had 11 million cases, 248k deaths. They managed it. We did not. Trump had a role in the US failure, as did morons like you, but there’s plenty of blame to go around.
  9. Is for Tata https://apnews.com/article/confirmation-hearings-army-media-politics-barack-obama-ea5e2ca355edbc6e98f982cdf8377fc1
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